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Duce Staley Should Feel Some Type of Way with the OC search

From being a 3rd round pick out of South Carolina to being on the coaching staff since 2011 and withstanding 3 different coaching regimes, Duce Staley is the walking definition of an Eagles lifer. Staley was coached by one Hall of Fame coach in Bill Cowher and another future Hall of Famer in Andy Reid and a good running all purpose running in his days playing with the Eagles. However when the chances come up of him moving up in the coaching ranks and becoming the offensive coordinator, it has been met with serious resistance and doubt. The main reason is because when Frank Reich left Philly to become Head Coach for the Colts, the Eagles did am inside the organization hire with Mile Groh and the offense even with major injuries plaguing them for the last two season, was a stagnant mess to watch.

Look at this from perspective. Let’s say you work for a company for nearly 10 years and you’ve been a good consistent worker at your field and gotten the best out of your co workers in your department and when the 2nd time rolls around to get a promotion, you got passed up because the person before you underachieved after being an in house promotion. That’s what is happening to Duce Staley right now. We are watching the top 2 rushing attacks become the #1 in both conferences, the rushing champion carry his team to a deep postseason run and there’s still a massive fixation that the Offensive coordinator needs to have a passing background. The Eagles running back room has been the most consistent since Duce became the head coordinator for the position. Five of the last seven years the Eagles have finished 11th of higher in rushing yards with finished top 3 twice. The worst statistical season the running back had under Staley’s tenure was in 2018 where they were 28th in rushing and flooded with injuries.

Disclaimer this isn’t me advocating for him to become to be the new offensive coordinator. Doug Pederson still calls the plays so personally not only people are making a bigger fuss than what it needs to be about the vacancy, it’s a position without any validation just like assistant to the Head Coach title Duce has now. I believe Jim Caldwell is perfect fit for the job given his experience working with Peyton, Flacco during the 2012 Superbowl run, and his time in Detroit with Stafford would benefit Carson Wentz. This is me answering to everyone against him getting a shot to call the offense alongside Pederson. The shortcomings of Mike Groh are not a reason to dismiss Staley’s chance to a promotion. He’s learned under Cowher and Reid, saw firsthand of the RPO under Chip Kelly and has the support of Miles Sanders to get the offensive coordinator position.

And I get it. Its a passing league so you want to bring in a guy who mirrors that but after watching this playoffs, running the football is still fundamental to win games. 7 of the top 10 rushing attacks were all in the postseason with the Chiefs being the worse at 23rd. The Eagles were 11th in running the football even with all the injuries to the offense. Staley’s ability to coach up his young running backs is why Miles Sanders is in the running for offensive rookie of the year and Boston Scott was able to help the Eagles make that December push to the playoffs. Even though Doug will still be a primary play caller, Duce has the longevity in the organization and the respect to give Doug a different perspective just as good as an outside influence would.

When your a former QB you view the offense in a certain and the same concept goes for a former RB. Even if someone like Caldwell or Mike Kafka from Kansas City comes over and gets the job and Duce is still the RBs coach and assistant HC that’s fine. However Duce should feel some type of way getting passed up again after all the hard work he’s done to climb up the ranks to get passed up again. If another team down the line offers him a chance to be an offensive coordinator, don’t be surprised if he takes it. From an intern, to Special teams quality controls coach, to running backs coach and now assistant head coach. You’ll never know unless he gets a shot.

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Duce Staley Should Feel Some Type of Way with the OC search

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