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Top Free Agent at Every Position and Possible Destinations

By: The Fantasy Football Clinic

We’re here to get you ready for NFL Free Agency! We took the time to find the top 2020 free agent at every position and broke down a few possible destinations for each!

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QB – Tom Brady 

2019 Stats (60.8 Completion %, 4,057 Yards, 24 TD’s, 8 INT’s, 88.0 Passer Rating)

New England Patriots ($44 million in Cap Space)

Although there has been a lot of smoke around Brady potentially leaving New England, the Patriots are still the most likely landing spot for TB12. They can offer something that no other team does, 19 years of familiarity and arguably the greatest coach of all time. They also have the cap space to resign Brady to a 2 year deal worth around 30-35 million a season if he sticks with his guns about not taking a hometown discount. The Patriots may also need to provide Brady with more weapons on the offense if they want him to stay.

Las Vegas Raiders ($57 million in Cap Space)

Yes, that’s right, they are now officially The Las Vegas Raiders (sorry Oakland and The Black Hole). This fact is the main reason why Brady to the Raiders makes almost too much sense. Mark Davis wants to generate as much buzz around the move to Vegas and what better way to do it than to sign arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. Jon Gruden also has a young team that could benefit greatly with Brady in the locker room. As for their current starter Derek Carr, he has been relatively unimpressive since breaking his leg and Gruden does not seem to be in love with him. He also only carries a dead cap hit of 5 million in 2020 so he could realistically be cut to avoid any controversy with Brady.

Los Angeles Chargers ($51 million in Cap Space)

Now that the Chargers have publicly stated that they have moved on from Phillip Rivers, this has become a realistic landing spot for Brady. Playing for the Chargers would give him the chance to play his final season(s) in his home state of California. The Chargers also have a roster that looks to be ready to win with stars on both sides of the ball. Brady would be surrounded by the likes of Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Hunter Henry, Austin Ekeler, potentially Melvin Gordon and an above average offensive line (only 34 sacks given up in 2020). The Chargers also have a stout defense that boasts studs such as Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram and Derwin James. The Chargers also have the cap space to give Brady what he wants and the popularity of Brady would go a long way in helping to establish a fan base in L.A.

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RB – Derrick Henry

2019 Stats (303 Attempts, 1540 Yards, 16 TD’s; 18 Receptions, 206 Yards, 2 Rec. TD’s)

Tennessee Titans ($51 million in Cap Space) 

The Titans signing Henry comes down to whether Mike Vrabel and Management want to pay a running back premium money. Henry will look to get a deal similar to the one Ezekiel Elliott got this past offseason. Henry has over 2,800 carries in his entire football career (High School – NFL) and this may make the Titans hesitant to pay him the big money. There is also the option to franchise tag him, but the Titans may not do this in fear of a hold-out. With all that being said, the most likely scenario is that the Titans sign him to a Zeke-like deal, especially after his dominance in the Titans Cinderella playoff run.

Houston Texans ($56 million in Cap Space)

The Texans got bounced from the playoffs because they were unable to put the Chiefs away after being up 24-0. A main reason for this collapse was an inability to run the ball. Bringing in Henry would help to alleviate this issue and would create an offensive juggernaut in Houston. Forcing defenses to respect Henry and the run game would open up even more passing lanes for Deshaun Watson and allow Hopkins and Fuller to feast on opposing defenses. The Texans also have the Cap Space to make Henry a top paid back.

Miami Dolphins ($93 million in Cap Space)

Ah yes, the Dolphins and their $93 million in Cap Space. Realistically, the Dolphins could be in play for every free agent on this list due to the crater sized holes on their roster. While this is true, we will only stick with the players that make the absolute most sense, Henry is one of these players. Simply put, by the end of the season the Dolphins were using Patrick Laird as their lead running back. As you can probably guess, the Dolphins were the worst rushing team in the NFL at 72.3 rushing yards/game. Henry would help them become more formidable in the run game and would be a good piece to build around as the Dolphins continue their rebuild.

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WR – AJ Green 

2019 Stats (Didn’t play)

New England Patriots ($44 million in Cap Space) 

For one of the few times in Tom Brady’s illustrious career he didn’t have a reliable downfield target to throw to. The trade for Mohamed Sanu was meant to bolster the thin position sans Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon, but backfired as Sanu struggled to pick up Josh McDaniel’s offense on the fly as well as the contribution of injuries. If the Patriots want Brady to come back and play for them next season, they need to add a reliable WR1 threat to the receiving corps. Green has not played meaningful football in nearly 2 years, so he should finally be healthy. The question is if Green would rather play for a contender at a lower price, or get paid?

Cincinnati Bengals ($49 million in Cap Space)

The assumption is that the Cincinnati Bengals will take LSU QB Joe Burrow 1st overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. If they do, re-signing Green is an absolute must. The young QB will need a reliable target downfield besides Tyler Boyd in order to give him the best possible chance to develop. People are quick to forget that, when healthy, AJ Green was arguably a top 5 receiver in the league. He’s exactly what the doctor ordered in Cincy to help fix that offense. 

Baltimore Ravens ($29 million in Cap Space)

Did anyone notice the one glaring hole in the Ravens roster as they were stunned by the underdog Titans this postseason? No real perimeter threat on the outside, or go to receiver besides Tight End Mark Andrews. The Ravens have long been known for signing veteran receivers to squeeze a few more productive years out of them (Steve Smith, Anquan Boldin) and they can do exactly that with Green. Green could be the ideal 50/50 ball receiver that Lamar Jackson needs to take another step forward in the passing game next season. 

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TE – Austin Hooper

2019 Stats (75 Receptions, 787 Yards, 6 TD’s)

Arizona Cardinals ($51 million in Cap Space)

Everyone knows that Kliff Kingsbury likes to throw the ball down field…a LOT. Kyler Murray and the air raid offense were humming by the end of the 2019-2020 NFL season. With the offense being led by wily veteran receiver Larry Fitzgerald, the team could use an infusion of seam-stretching youth in the form of Tight End Austin Hooper. Hooper is coming off a career year and young QBs love having a reliable tight end to dump passes off to in the red-zone. The fantasy world is expecting Kyler Murray to take a huge step forward into Year 2 and the addition of Hooper could help elevate Murray to the next level. 

New England Patriots ($44 million in Cap Space) 

No Gronk, no Antonio Brown (for reasons other than football), no Josh Gordon (again, reasons off the field), a 33-year-old slot receiver who played through the year with multiple major injuries, a vanishing act of Mohamed Sanu, an aging GOAT, and a porous offensive line led to the abysmal offensive performance by the Patriots this past season. Everyone was expecting the next under-the-radar star to emerge during the season, but no one did. It’s time for the Patriots to make a real attempt to fill in the Gronk-sized hole that was left in the Patriots offense post-retirement. Hooper is no Gronk, not even close; but it’s the best the Patriots are going to get in free agency with a barren crop of Tight Ends around the league. AND, maybe it will give Brady some incentive to return to New England. 

Washington Redskins ($46 million in Cap Space)

This is a similar situation to the Kyler Murray one in Arizona. A 2nd year quarterback with only one reliable receiving option (Scary Terry) who needs a go-to option over the middle of the field and in the red-zone. This became an even better fit once new Head Coach Ron Rivera came to town. Rivera understands the importance of having a reliable receiving threat at Tight End due to his work with Greg Olsen over the years. There is also a need at the position for the Redskins, since Jordan Reed has yet to make it through a full season uninjured. The addition of Hooper could help improve the stability of Haskin’s passing game. 

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OG – Brandon Scherff

2019 Stats (1.5 Sacks allowed in 11 Games)

New York Jets ($56 million in Cap Space) 

J E T S JETS! JETS! JETS! The New York Jets under the direction of Head Coach Adam Gase have been unfocused, undisciplined, and seem to lack a team identity. They looked like a team that wanted to establish a strong run game to aid young QB Sam Darnold with the signing of Le’Veon Bell, but they do not have the offensive line to support that offensive philosophy. Signing Scherff could be a key for Gase to give Bell a real All-Pro caliber offensive lineman to run behind and average a decent YPC…that is, as long as he doesn’t trade Bell in the off-season like rumors have been pointing to so far. 

Detroit Lions ($47 million in Cap Space)

“bUiLd ThE tReNcHeS”, that’s what current Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn has been preaching since his arrival in the Motor City. He has swung big in free agency and missed on big ticket lineman such as Offensive Tackle Rick Wagner and retired Offensive Guard TJ Lang. This is not to fault Quinn, but we have seen former Lions linemen go on to do great things with other teams (AKA Laken Tomlinson as a starting Guard on the best rushing team in football and in the Super Bowl — 49ers). But, Scherff is a foundational type of Offensive Lineman who could anchor one side of the O-Line for years to come. The Lions needs Offensive Line help in multiple spots, but Scherff could go a long way in fixing the ailing Lions rushing attack. 

Washington Redskins ($46 million in Cap Space)

The Redskins simply can’t afford to lose another Pro Bowler Offensive Lineman. We watched the Trent Williams saga play out over the course of this past season and how much the offense suffered as a whole without their anchor on the left side. If the Redskins lose Scherff too, then new Head Coach Ron Rivera is staring down the barrel at a full offensive line rebuild. Haskins needs a strong line to properly develop. If not, then he is going to be getting hit every other play next season. The Redskins need to make resigning Scherff a major priority if the offense is going to improve at all next season.

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DE – Yannick Ngakoue

2019 Stats (36 Solo Tackles, 13 Tackles for Loss, 8 Sacks)

Miami Dolphins ($93 million in Cap Space)

Miami has a lot of cap space and a lot of holes to fill on both sides of their roster. Head Coach Brian Flores loves versatile defenders due to his upbringing in the multiple-front Patriot Defense as an Assistant Coach. Yannick is still young (24), so he could be a great foundational piece of the Dolphins defensive line. He would also allow the Dolphins to take other positions of need on the defense in the draft.

New York Giants ($61 million in Cap Space) 

Dave Gettleman loves his big hog mollies, and more than anything, he loves spending a lot of money on them. The Giants defense is barren in talent with the departures of impact players in the past year such as Janoris Jenkins (Twitter fool), Damon “Snacks” Harrison (Trade), and Landon Collins (Free Agency). The D-Line could use an infusion of talented youth to help move along the rebuild in New York. Couple this along with the potential resigning of D-Lineman Leonard Williams, and the Giants could possibly be headed in the right direction. 

Houston Texans ($56 million in Cap Space)

The Texans lost Clowney to trade and there is more smoke growing that star D-End JJ Watt could be a dark horse cut candidate this offseason, due to a high salary cap figure and the health issues he has had his last few years in the league. The Texans need to start filling in the defense with young talent to give Deshaun Watson a fighting chance at a championship some day. The secondary is constantly being picked on in Houston, but a premier edge rusher could go a long way in helping some of the secondary woes for de facto GM Bill O’Brien.

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LB – Jadeveon Clowney

2019 Stats (21 Solo Tackles, 7 Tackles for Loss, 3 Sacks in 13 Games)

Detroit Lions ($47 million in Cap Space) 

I know what you’re thinking, the Lions just spent a boatload of money on Defensive End Trey Flowers last offseason, so why would they shell out for another veteran? Well, the answer is quite obvious if you watched a single game of Detroit Lions football this season. Simply put, the Lions defense is abysmal. It rated out as the worst run defense in the entire league, which is why the possibility of signing Clowney becomes even more important. Not only can Clowney rush the passer, but he is actually one of the premier run defenders in the league. Putting Clowney on one end of the defense with a healthy Trey Flowers on the other could be enough to make teams respect the Detroit defense. 

Seattle Seahawks ($63 million in Cap Space)

The Seahawks have to do whatever they can to retain Clowney going into next season. They gave up far too much draft capital for him in their blockbuster acquisition of him from the Houston Texans not to put their best offer on the table first. They desperately need to retain star power in a defense that hasn’t been able to live up to the heyday Legion Of Boom era in Seattle. Clowney covers up a lot of holes in their run defense, so I fully expect Seattle to put their best foot forward in negotiations. 

Philadelphia Eagles ($43 million in Cap Space)

Philly’s defense is bad. The obvious area of need in this defense is in the secondary, but there are two schools of thought to defense. The first being, a strong secondary can make up for the lack of a good pass rush, and an elite pass rush can cover a lackluster secondary. Given the many holes Jim Schwartz’s defense has on the back-end, it may be a more efficient use of cap space to sign Clowney and plug in an established pass-rushing and run-stopping Defensive End/Linebacker to the lineup. 

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CB – Byron Jones 

2019 Stats (6 Passes Defended, 1 Forced Fumble, 35 Solo Tackles, 0 Interceptions)

Indianapolis Colts ($90 million in Cap Space)

The Colts selected cornerback Rock Ya-Sin with their first round pick in the 2019 draft, but they could still look to upgrade the position via free agency. With them having the league’s 2nd highest available cap space, they should look to spend it on the Dallas Cowboy corner, Byron Jones. Jones is one of the better cover corners in the game. Rating as the 14th highest cover corner in 2018 and the 21st in 2019 according to PFF (Pro Football Focus). He is also versatile, playing safety for parts of the 2018 season. Adding Jones would be a significant upgrade to the Colts secondary. A team looking to contend for the playoffs in 2020.

Dallas Cowboys ($77 million in Cap Space) 

The Cowboys have three (Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, and Byron Jones) notable free agents available this offseason. They will likely only be able to afford two of the three names listed which could leave Jones as the odd man out. If they decide to resign Jones, he will be due for a significant pay raise and he has earned it. Bringing back the familiar face is something the Cowboys should consider because Jones is the best corner they have had since Terence Newman. They also have a lack of depth at the cornerback position with only two (Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis) notable players seeing significant playing time in 2019. Resigning Jones could make a lot of sense for the Cowboys.

New York Jets ($56 million in Cap Space)

The New York Jets are the “wild card” team out of the three teams that should look into signing Jones. The Jets have one of the thinnest secondaries in the NFL due to lack of depth and injuries. Outside of Jamal Adams, the Jets secondary is a weak unit on an already non-playoff team. They have the money to give Jones a long term deal that he will want. Adding Jones to the Jets secondary that already includes Jamal Adams could make the Jets a vastly improved team in 2020.

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FS – Justin Simmons

2019 Stats (15 Passes Defended, 65 Solo Tackles, 4 Interceptions)

Denver Broncos ($58 million in Cap Space)

There is a small chance that Simmons leaves the Broncos in 2020. He has stated that he wants to remain in Denver. Whether they franchise tag him or give him the long term deal he deserves, either way, he is due for a huge pay raise. He will most likely become the NFL’s highest paid safety this offseason. He had the second best coverage safety grade (91.3) per PFF, allowed a passer rating of 27.4, and opposing receivers have only caught 47.5% of passes thrown his way in 2019 which is the best in football among safeties. The Broncos must retain their rising star in Simmons if they want to make a playoff push in 2020.

Houston Texans ($56 million in Cap Space) 

The Houston Texans make a lot of sense for Simmons because we know what they are capable of on the offensive side of the ball when healthy. Adding a star player like Justin Simmons to the defense could make the Texans go from a good team to a great team in 2020. The Texans secondary gave up 4,276 yards in 2019, which ranked as the 4th most in the NFL last year. These numbers will drastically improve with the addition of Simmons. If the Broncos are not willing to give him a long term deal, the Texans could be the team to snag Simmons which could make them a Superbowl contender.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($86 million in Cap Space)

The Bucs could sign Simmons not only because he fits a team needs, but because they have the cap space to make him the highest paid safety in the league. The Bucs secondary ranked towards the bottom of the league, allowing the 3rd most passing yards in the league. Adding a player like Justin Simmons to the young nucleus of corners Sean Murphy-Bunting and Jamal Dean will improve their secondary significantly and could make Tampa Bay playoff contenders going into the 2020 season.

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Top Free Agent at Every Position and Possible Destinations

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