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Countdown to Super Bowl 54

The Kansas City Chiefs have finally ended the 50 year drought of not reaching the Super Bowl. They bring home the Lamar Hunt trophy and will look to bring the Lombardi trophy home as well. The Chiefs will have to get through the 49ers to take home the biggest of prizes.

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This match-up is between two dominant teams that tore through the regular and post seasons. The 49ers finished as the first overall seed in the NFC playoffs and have a very balanced team. Having a dominant defense with a excellent running game offense is a deadly combination. Which became valuable this postseason when the 49ers absolutely crushed their opponents. Just because their running game has been great all season, does not mean that they don’t trust their quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy has had his fair share of great performances since joining this 49ers unit.

The Chiefs finished as the second overall seed in the AFC playoffs and punched their ticket to Miami with a convincing win against the Titans at Kansas City. The Chiefs will look to continue their dominant play into the Super Bowl and win just the second Lombardi trophy in franchise history. To do that, the Chiefs will continue to rely on Patrick Mahomes and this explosive offense while also hoping that this much improved defense can really shine. Mahomes has been excellent in his young career in the playoffs, throwing 11 touchdowns to 0 interceptions, look for Mahomes to continue this tread against a very good 49ers defense.

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Two historic franchises with different stories, the 49ers with multiple Super Bowl Championships and past success against the Chiefs with only one Super Bowl Championship back when the NFL was just starting out. These two teams will look to add on to an already incredibly successful campaign. Let’s just hope that the Chiefs and Andy Reid can get the job done and give Kansas City something they have been waiting for for 50 years.

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Countdown to Super Bowl 54

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