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Predicting All Four Quarters of The Super Bowl: Who Wins?

The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will face off in Miami this Sunday. What will happen? Which coach will cement their legacy? Will Patrick Mahomes capture his very first Championship? Or will Jimmy Garoppolo put his team on his back and throw more than 8 passes? The biggest question of them all is, who will be hoisting up the prestigious Lombardi trophy? Well, lets have some fun and predict out all four quarters and see what the outcome could possibly be!

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Super Bowl 54

1. San Francisco 49ers (15-3) VS 2. Kansas City Chiefs (14-4)

Location – Hard Rock Stadium, Miami

Time5:30 p.m. ET

Coverage – Fox

O/U – 52.5

First Quarter

The coin flips, Kansas City wins the toss. Andy Reid chooses to defer, which means the Chiefs will get the ball to start the second half.

Let’s get it started.

Harrison Butker kicks it off, and we are under way! The Niners will start their first drive on their own 25. Jimmy Garoppolo and company will likely try and get the their dominant run game going.

So, it’s 1st and 10, and Tevin Coleman rushes for a 1 yard gain. Terrell Suggs comes up with the tackle. 2nd and 9 from the 26. Deebo Samuel is in the slot, Colman in the backfield. The ball is snapped, Samuel motions as if the 49ers are running a jet sweep. But Jimmy G fakes the handoff as he hits George Kittle on a 7-yard slant. Anthony Hitchens comes up with the stop at the 33-yard line.

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That brings up a 3rd and 2. Raheem Mostert is now the halfback. And what do you know, the Niners run it to the outside and pick up a first down. It is now 1st and 10 on the 40 yard line.

As the drive continues, the 49ers manage to bleed 7 minutes of the clock. Patrick Mahomes has yet to see the field, which is not good for the Chiefs, and it’s definitely not good for the fans.

But as I was saying, the Niners have milked much of the first quarter. Kyle Shanahan has the Niners on the Chiefs 30 yard line. But it’s 3rd and 5. Now, the Niners convert 3rd downs at a 44.59% rate. Which ranks 4th overall in the NFL. And on the other hand, the Chiefs stop teams from converting 3rd downs at a 35.56% rate. In this case though, All- Pro, Tyrann Mathieu would come up with a huge stop! The 49ers try to run it to the outside, but Mostert is stopped short. Which would then lead to a 4th down, and would force the 49ers to kick a field goal.

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San Francisco is up 3-0 after a 7-minute drive. Now, Patrick Mahomes and his fully loaded arsenal of weapons are ready to battle.

Andy Reid draws up an RPO for his first play. Mahomes executes and throws a laser to Mecole Hardman for a 15 yard pick up. It’s now 1st and 10, and Tyreek Hill and Watkins and Hardman are split out to the left, and Travis Kelce is lined up by himself to the right. Ball is snapped, Mahomes hits Damian Williams on the wheel rout for a 20 yard gain. Kansas City is now in San Francisco’s territory.

Only 6 minutes remains in the first frame, and the Chiefs are knocking on the door. The Chiefs are on San Francisco’s 25 yard line. Mahomes hands it off to Damian Williams for just a 3 yard gain. Now from the 22 yard line, the Chiefs are within striking distance with just under 4 minutes remaining.

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It’s now 2nd and 7 from the 22. Mahomes receives the snap, Hill motions, Mahomes fakes the handoff, Kelce is matched up with Kwon Alexander, Kelce beats him on a fade route to the corner of the end zone. And BANG, the Chiefs are on board! Kansas City scores in 3 minutes to go up 7-3 late in the first quarter.

Two minutes remain left in the first. The Niners would go on to convert on first down to end the frame.

After one, Kansas City leads 7-3.

Second Quarter

The Niners will set up shop at their own 29 yard line. Kyle Shanahan on the first drive stuck to the run game, but the stingy Chiefs defense held up and only let up a field goal.

It’s 1st and 10, the 49ers snap the ball and hand it off to Raheem Mostert. He bounces to the outside, as he follows Deebo Samuel for the lead block. Mostert picks up 35 on the play. San Francisco is now in Kansas City’s territory. On the next play, the Niners strike off a Kendrick Bourne bomb! The 49ersscore their first touchdown.

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The 49ers now lead 10-7 with 9 minutes left remaining in the half.

Kansas City would proceed to score two times in the half. They would lead 21-10 heading into half time.

Third Quarter

Patrick Mahomes would get the ball to start the second half. Which would seem to be a big problem for the Niners. But, in the third, the 49ers amped up the energy on the defensive side and were able to sack Patrick Mahomes 4 times in the quarter. Jimmy Garoppolo would go on and benefit from the defensive play, and would toss a pair of touchdowns. One to George Kittle and one to Tevin Coleman.

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After three, the San Francisco 49ers lead 24-21.

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The Last Dance (4th Quarter)

It all comes down to this. The Chiefs and Andy Reid down 3, with 15 minutes to go. They find themselves in a familiar place. Once again down and ready to come back. But this time it’s for the Super Bowl. For the 49eds, they find themselves up 3 and nervous as hell. This is the quarter where legends are made. Who will be that legend? Lets find out!

So, the Chiefs would score. They now lead 28-24 with 8 minutes left to go in the Super Bowl.

Jimmy Garoppolo has shown that he is capable of putting the team on his back. The running game hasn’t been consistent, but Jimmy G has shown the world that he is worth all the money the Niners spent on him two summers ago. So, lets set the stage.

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Eight minutes left on the clock. The 49ers start their next drive at their own 25 yard line. Here we go.

Jimmy G receives the snap, he surveys the field, he goes through his progressions, and dumps it off to Mostert for a 8 yard gain. 2nd and 2, Mostert receives the handoff, he scampers for a 20 yard gain. The Niners are now approaching into Kansas City’s territory. It’s now 1st and 10 from the 45 yard line. Colman is lined up in the back, with Mostert as the quarterback. Mostert fakes the handoff to Colman and hits the hole, and would bust out for a 45 yard touchdown to give the Niners a 31-28 lead, with just under 4 minutes remaining in the quarter.

It’s time for the 2018 league MVP, Patrick Mahomes to lead the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in 50 years. And Andy Reid has a chance to cement his name into the Hall Of Fame by capturing his first title. The time is now for Mahomes and Reid to get the job done.

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Here we go, 4 minutes remaining, Mahomes and the Chiefs will start the drive at their own 15 yard line. The Chiefs start out in the shot gun formation, with Damian William Flanked to the left of Mahomes. Tyreek Hill and Hardman are lined up in the twin set, Kelce is on the line.

The ball is snapped, Williams picks up blocks, Kelce fights off a block, Hill and Hardman streak down the field. Mahomes looks to his left, he looks to his right. No one is open, he gets away from Nick Bosa as he keeps his eyes down field. He then finds Damian Williams in the middle of the field. Williams hauls in the pass and gains 25 yards on first down.

That play just explains that Patrick Mahomes is one of the most unexplainable quarterbacks to ever play the game. Now, with that being said, the Chiefs would drive the ball down all the way to the 15 yard line with just 1:20 seconds left in the game.

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It’s 1st and 10, Mahomes gets the snap, Hill runs a quick slant, Williams runs a wheel route and Kelce and Hardman ran crossing routes. Mahomes would then hit Travis Kelce from 15 yards out for the touchdown. The Chiefs would go back up 35-31 with 57 seconds left in the Super Bowl.

The Niners would try to drive down the field with 57 second left. But the Chiefs defense would make the necessary stops to end the game.

The Kansas City Chiefs are now the 2019-2020 Super Bowl Champs!

If the Chiefs are to win the Super Bowl on Sunday, it will be the start of a new dynasty.

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are a force to be reckoned with, and the greatness is just beginning.

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Predicting All Four Quarters of The Super Bowl: Who Wins?

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