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2020 Draft Profile: Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow was the most exciting player of the 2019-2020 college season. He went from being a low end prospect, to Heisman winner, to consensus first overall pick. However, despite his success, there are still many questions surrounding Burrow. Where will he end up? Is he a franchise Quarterback? Was he a one hit wonder? There is so much speculation surrounding Burrow that we are overlooking the great potential stored in what many consider a franchise saving draft choice. This is, Joe Burrow

The Early Years

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Burrow first started as a four star recruit at Ohio State, where he was the backup to J.T. Barrett. After failing to secure a starting job, Burrow transferred to LSU in 2018 and was named starter for the season opener. Burrow had quite a successful season, racking up over 2800 yards and 16 touchdowns with only 5 interceptions. LSU finished sixth in the AP poll following a Fiesta Bowl win over UCF.

Burrow was never a highly spoken of prospect, and prior to this year, never really flashed any NFL potential. However, that would all swiftly change as LSU seeked dominance the following season.

The Heisman, The ‘Ship, The Accolades

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Burrow took 2019 by storm with a season unlike any other. Burrow set two NCAA records (highest passer rating (202.0) and touchdowns (60)). He also led the NCAA in passing yards and completion percentage, which lead to Burrow being voted Heisman trophy winner by the largest margin in NCAA history. He also led LSU to a College Football National Championship victory, where he threw for over 450 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Saying Burrow was the best college quarterback this year is an understatement. Burrow is one of the best college quarterbacks of all time. He has forever etched his name in the college history books with records that could last a very long time. However, it is time for Burrow’s next chapter.

And he will begin his NFL career in just under three months.

Where Will Burrow Land?

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While Burrow is a near-lock to go first overall, there are still multiple places Burrow can end up. Here, we will breakdown all the potential suitors of Mr. Joe Burrow.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals currently hold the first overall pick and are in desperate need of a franchise QB. While some would consider it foolish to pass on Burrow and send away the first overall pick, the Bengals could force a team that’s desperate enough to give up more picks than necessary in order to secure an overall better future for the Bengals franchise. The Bengals hold the first overall pick in every round but their capital ends there. Either way, the Bengals will most likely come away winners. Either with the best quarterback in the class, or a higher draft capital and a better future.

It is important to note that the Bengals have said that they haven’t even come close to a decision yet, so they are either undecided or are trying to goad teams into giving up more for Burrow.

Miami Dolphins

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has already made it clear he wants Burrow as their franchise quarterback. The Dolphins possess plenty of draft capital (three 2020 first round picks, two 2020 second round draft picks, two 2021 first round draft picks) to make a move at the first overall pick. It essentially comes down to how much they want to give up and if the Bengals decide they don’t want Burrow. If the Dolphins want Burrow bad enough, they could make it happen.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers sit with the sixth overall pick and are moving on from Phillip Rivers this season. While other quarterback options lie in the draft (Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Jordan Love), the concern of the quality of these prospects has raised a lot of questions about them. The only sure fire franchise quarterback is Burrow. If the Chargers feel that the lack of quality after Burrow isn’t the right move for the franchise, they could sacrifice their future in exchange for the perfect franchise player.

Pros, Cons, Consensus


Burrow’s accuracy was unmatched. He threaded the needle better than anyone could’ve predicted. Short, intermediate, and deep passes, Burrow did it all. However, if his pure passing doesn’t amaze you, his decision making and vision should. Burrow rarely missed the right opportunities, and made very few mistakes. Burrow is one of the smartest players in this draft class, which is always essential in a franchise player.

Burrow is an all around great field general. While his arm strength isn’t elite, it is by no means a concern. Burrow is a complete quarterback who can get it done on the big stage.


Burrow comes with little to no complaints. Despite his age (24), he is already a polished, NFL ready player and shouldn’t need much first year adjustment. Despite this, Burrow has only started for two years, which is less than the usual three years most college quarterbacks have. However, these concerns shouldn’t sway much, as Burrow looks like he will be completely ready to start in the NFL


Burrow is guaranteed to be the first overall pick if a QB needy team is picking at first. It’s highly unlikely that won’t be the case, however , who may be picking at first is the question.

It will be between Miami and Cincinnati for who picks Burrow. It’s all up to the Bengals as they currently sit with all the power.

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