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Keys to the Chiefs Winning Super Bowl LIV

By now you should know that the Kansas City Chiefs will be taking on the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. We all know the story behind the 49ers history of winning championships back in the day with Joe Montana and Steve Young and they finally have gotten themselves back there after a pretty long drought. The 49ers drought is nothing in comparison to the Chiefs though. The Chiefs have not been to the Super Bowl since Super Bowl 4 when the Chiefs won their first and only championship.

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I am not sure if any of you are good at math but that is 50 years now that the Chiefs have not even tasted the Super Bowl. Finally, they have actually gotten themselves in a position to capture their second title and give this fan base what they have been waiting for, a championship. All the seasons of miserable performances and 4-12 seasons finishes have make this postseason run all the more special.

The 49ers are what stand in between the Chiefs and a Super Bowl Championship. The 49ers are an extremely talented and balanced football team which will challenge the Chiefs for the opportunity to be called Super Bowl Champions.

Here are the Chiefs keys to victory:

  1. Chiefs have to limit the 49ers running attack. The 49ers have a very talented backfield with Robert Mostert/Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman who may not be playing this Sunday. If they can limit what the 49ers do in the running game than it puts the game into Jimmy Garoppolo’s hands
  2. Chris Jones, Frank Clark and the Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu) need to be absolutely dominant. If the Chiefs are able to stop the run and make the 49ers pass more than these three guys need to be everywhere on the football field.
  3. Chiefs have to play their game on offense. The Chiefs have been so good on offense all year and they should try to stick to what they know by putting their trust in their play makers hands.
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The Kansas City Chiefs have a chance to really do something special come Sunday. If the Chiefs are able to follow these keys to victory, it puts them into a very good situation to come out on top of the 49ers and emerge as Super Bowl Champions. Here’s to the Chiefs making the Super Bowl and hopefully bring Kansas City the Lombardi trophy.

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