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2020 Draft Profile: Jerry Jeudy

I need to come clean and say this outright. Jeudy is by far and away my favorite player from this draft class. Alabama is known for producing some of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Julio Jones and Amari Cooper have had immensely successful careers since coming out of ‘Bama. The next guy is up is quite different than the latter two, but still has all the tools to become an NFL star, and change a franchise for the better.

This is Jerry Jeudy

The Background

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Jerry Jeudy came out of high school as a 4-star prospect. In 2016, he committed to Alabama and never strayed away. In his years with the Crimson Tide, Jeudy started 2 seasons, amassed over 3000 receiving yards and 31 touchdowns. Jeudy and Tua Tagovailoa really formed an unbreakable connection that is often seen at the NFL level. He quickly gained the trust of his signal caller which made him a reliable go-to target.

Jeudy is a National Champion and a Biletnikoff award winner. Jeudy is undoubtedly the top wide receiver in this draft class. However, where will he be playing at the NFL level?

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Jacksonville Jaguars

While Jeudy is, in my opinion, a top 3 player in this draft class, the top of the draft simply has no need for Jeudy. QBs and stud defensive players will be going before Jeudy is considered. That is the perfect scenario that the Jacksonville Jaguars are dreaming of. Sitting at the ninth overall spot, Jeudy may very well fall into the Jags’ laps. Jacksonville desperately needs a receiver to pair with D.J. Chark after his breakout season. While Dede Westbrook was solid, he is by no means a number two wideout. Pairing Chark and Jeudy will create a formidable match-up for all opposing secondaries, and no matter which way Jacksonville goes at QB, a reliable weapon is a must have at this time.

Las Vegas Raiders

With the draft in Las Vegas and the Raiders now officially located in the Sin City, it is paramount that they make a splash for their fans at the draft. Despite Grudens “weird” draft picks since returning to the NFL, Vegas’ need at receiver is one that must be addressed ASAP. Currently with the twelfth overall pick, landing Jeudy there is possible, but unlikely. However, Jeudy should be a must have acquisition in this draft. Despite their last Alabama receiver departing, Jeudy’s athletic ability paired with Tyrell Williams’ deep threat ability is something Carr must be dreaming of. The Raiders must pull the trigger on a trade up to jump the Jags for Jeudy.

Detroit Lions

As I mentioned before, Jeudy is a top three overall player. If Detroit believes in the “take the best guy available” philosophy, then Jeudy is their guy. The Lions departed ways with Golden Tate two seasons ago and Marvin Jones will be on the rough side of 30 by the time the draft rolls around. As such, if the Lions truly believe in Stafford still, acting on a top weapon to pair with breakout player Kenny Golladay may be in their best interest. Golladay is a big physical receiver, and Jeudy is an athletic, speedy play-maker. These two would play off each other very well, and Jeudy can help demonstrate that cannon of an arm Stafford carries.

The Scouting Report

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As mentioned before, Jeudy is very athletic and is a force to be reckoned with once the ball is in his hands. His route running is immaculate and is incredibly explosive out of his cuts. He can beat whatever the defense throws at him, whether that be double teams or presses. Jeudy has proven he can take on the best the nation had to offer him and was a play-maker on all the big stages. Being only 21, Jeudy is an NFL ready player who will quickly develop into a mega star if placed in the right system.


Jeudy is only 6’1″ and is smaller compared to some of his peers. While Jeudy used his height as best as he can, it may become a concern if he doesn’t bulk up to a somewhat acceptable NFL level. Jeudy has also had some small fits with drops, however, this should be downplayed as it is only a minor issue.


Jeudy will be a number one wideout no matter which way you slice it. However, he must be placed in a system that will let him do what he does best, or a somewhere where he can thrive as the number one out of the gate. Detroit is a great spot because even though Golladay may be the number one guy, his play style completely different to that of Jeudys. meaning both of their abilities will be used to their best potential and will compliment each other nicely. Jacksonville and Las Vegas will allow Jeudy to win the number one job immediately and let him showcase his exceptional play-making ability.

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