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Why Tim Tebow Should Join the XFL & What Team Should Sign Him

Remember when Tim Tebow defeated the Steelers in the playoffs? What fun times that was. Tim Tebow is someone that would such a fun an exciting player in the XFL and would surly spice the league up and add more excitement for fans.

Where is Tebow?

Time Tebow is currently playing Minor League Baseball within the New York Mets and has yet to make the Major League club but he has said he still wants to play baseball and make the big time.

In 77 games last season with the Mets AAA club Tebow has an awful batting average of .163. Now, if you are not much of a baseball guy this number probably doesn’t mean much to you, so let me provide some content.

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The average batting average for the MLB in 2019 was .252 which Tebow was not even close to. He also only had 4 home runs and 10 doubles. He has not shown much power in the minors and he is already 32 so I don’t imagine this changing much in the future.

When looking at the Mets roster there are 5 active outfielders and all of which I think will be very difficult for Tebow to pass and make the active roster. Lets be honest the probability that Tebow makes the Major Leagues is not very high.

If Tim Tebow comes to the realization that even though he loves baseball he will not make the MLB and would like to try again at football I believe he is accepted into the XFL with open arms.

Who Would Want Tebow?

There is one team in my eyes that will want to pay Tebow and get him on the active roster as soon as possible. The Tampa Bay Vipers.

The Vipers are the worst team in the XFL right now and are in desperate search for a quarterback. They started the season off with Aaron Murray at QB and he looked absolutely terrible before getting injured. Now the team does have some backups but they are not playing very well as expected.

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When would Tebow join the Vipers?

I think the best time for him to come in would be the start of the 2021 season. This allows the Tebow to have more time to play baseball and see if he will ever make the MLB, but it also allows him to see if the XFL will survive year 1 and go into a year 2 without giving up on his chance at baseball. I think if the XFL makes it to year 2 Tebow could end up back in Florida playing for the Vipers and taking the worst team in the XFL and turning them into championship contenders.

Something that will be critical to the success of the XFL is getting fans in seats at the games. If there is one name and one guy who can come in tomorrow and fill a stadium it is Tim Tebow. He is arguably the best player to come out the University of Florida, and the fans still love him and I believe would travel for him.

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