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NBA Betting Rundown, Weds. 26th 2020

New York Knicks @ Charlotte Hornets– Leading into Wednesday we have two very under-whelming teams so far this season. Knicks are currently sitting at 17-40 and has showed up to random games along the way. J. Randle has been the top player to watch for the Knicks and is still only averaging 19 PPG, 9.6 RPG(7.3 DRPG) and 3.2 APG. The Knicks are 1-5 in last 5 with the win coming from the struggling Pistons. The biggest problems in New York is that they can’t score, that being said they are not the worst on defense and actually seem to be handling the paint very well.

Switching to the Hornets, they have been falling apart along side the Knicks. Terry Rozier can definitely find the net but is struggling making up for the poor roster along side him, Zeller and Graham. The Hornets have a big problem on their bench being able to hold opposing teams in garbage time. The Hornets have the same problem with scoring as the Knicks but at 2 PPG less AVG. The threat they do pose to teams is that when they get moving they strive on holding opposing teams to low scores, and that will be a big problem for the low scoring Knicks.

The Bet: Seeing that the Knicks and Hornets have PPG lower that league averages and the Hornets can hold teams off with the lead I am loving the Under in this one. The Under is not set yet but believe it should be set around 208.5 and i would continue to bet the Under until it hit under 205.5.

Philadelphia 76ers @ Cleveland Cavaliers– The 76ers are travelling to Cleveland on Wednesday to face the very much hurting Cavs. The 76ers are also playing a hit-or-miss season here, but are still are strong team. The Cavs are hurting and struggling against anyone and everyone. The 76ers are sitting at 36-22 and the Cavs are a bad 16-41. The 76ers will be missing Ben Simmons but will do just fine without him. Philly is 4-1 in last 5 with the one loss coming from the reigning Bucks. They are also doing very well on Defense this year will a low 106.5 PAPG but have been struggling with growing space with 108.9 PPG.

Looking at the Cavs now is rough show, averaging negative 8.5 PPG differential. The Cavs are having a hard time defend the ball and cant score big in any game. Sexton is leading the team with 19.7 PPG which is very under whelming and Thompson is leading in RPG with 10.2. Although this is a rough looking team they have squeezed out 3 wins in their last 5 games, even though its against bad teams and Miami. They have although started to pick up their scoring with recent games.

The Bet: In this one it is an easy bet with the Moneyline on Philly, no lines are out yet but i assume the the point spread will be set around 8-9 for the 76ers. I can’t see the Over/Under being tempting in this one unless it is set high because of the Cavs recent rise in scoring.

Brooklyn Nets @ Washington Wizards– The Story in this one is 100% Brandon Beal coming in hot handed after the All-Star Break. With 2 back to back losses with 50+ Points for Beal, the Wizards needless to say have a defending problem. The Wizards are allowing 120.1 PPG which has been the killer for them. Washington has a 2-3 record over the last 5 with all 3 loses coming in the last 3 and a 20-36 Overall this season..

Brooklyn has just lost their leader in Kyrie to a season ending injury and Spencer Dinwiddle has seemed to be stepping up as a great leader. the Nets are 26-30 which is not bad for a team who bet everything on next season with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving ans Spencer Dinwiddle all being healthy at that time. Brooklyn has been averaging 5 PPG less than the Wizards but has the defense that Washington does not. Jarret Allen has been a great performing pickup for Brooklyn and has been holding down the paint.

The Bet: With Washington’s Defense falling apart I will be taking the Nets here and i will be interested in what the Point Spread will turn out to be. I would be interested in the Over/Under if it was set high with Beal playing on fire and Wizards defense failing.


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