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NBA Betting Report Fri. 28th, 2020

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Orlando Magic– With the Timberwolves travelling to sunny Orlando to meet up with the Magic, the Home team looks like the Favorite. The Twolves are 16-40, 9-19 on the Road and the Magic are 26-32, 15-14 at Home. To add to that the Twolves are 0-5 in their last five and 1-9 in their last 10. They are looking weak and the Magic aren’t afraid to kick them when they’re down. The Twolves are allowing 116.8 PPG and with the Magic averaging 104.2 PPG scored the Magic will most likely put up some points. The Magic on the other hand have been only allowing 105.8 PPG and the Twolves are scoring a higher than average 112.7 PPG.

DFS Player: Vucevic 19.1 PPG, 10.8 RPG

The Bet: The Magic is favored at 68.2% to win this match-up and I can see that because of the Twolves struggles it seems fitting. The bet I will be taking will be the Over if it is set at 227.5 or Under. Moneyline for the Magic could also be a safe bet.

Charlotte Hornets @ Toronto Raptors– The Raptors are hosting the mediocre Charlotte Hornets on Friday Night. The Hornets have a 20-38 record with a 11-20 Away record. The Raptors on the other hand have a top record at 42-16 while being 23-8 at Home. The Hornets and the Raptors are both 3-2 in the last 5. With the hornets allowing 110.1 PPG and the Raptors scoring 113 PPG which is high compared to league average. The Raptors are allowing 106.1 PPG but the Hornets only score 102.2 PPG, so don’t expect the Hornets to produce a whole lot on Friday.

DFS Player: Siakam 23.7 PPG and Lowry 7.7 APG

The Bet: With the Raptors seeing a 93.1% to win this match-up being in Toronto I can’t disagree. Although I would be interested in the Under as it will be a blowout and the Raptors will slow the 4th quarter down with less scoring.

Brooklyn Nets @ Atlanta Hawks– The injury riddled Nets go on the road to visit the Hawks in Atlanta on Friday. The Nets are holding a 26-31 record with a 10-18 away from home. The Hawks are a very good team but have struggles on defense and holding a lead in games, they have a 17-43 record and are 11-18 at home. The Hawks can score just as well as the Nets with a 110.6 PPG for both. Although like I said the struggle for Atlanta is on defense with a 119 PPG against. The Nets are 3-2 in last 5 as the Hawks are 2-3 in last 5. beyond that the Nets are 5-5 in last 10 and the Hawks are 4-6 in last 10.

DFS Player: Young 29.9 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 9.2 APG

The Bet: I will be taking the Hawks in this one as they perform very well at home and the Nets are okay on the road but with injuries will suffer. The Nets are lead by Dinwiddle after Kyrie is now out for the season he will have to rally these guys together for the rest of the year. I won’t be interested in the Total unless it is set below 210.5.

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