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Is It Gut Check Time for Marc Trestman & the Tampa Bay Vipers?

Once coveted Florida native Quinton Flowers has willingly left the team, who’s next?

Once upon a time, the Tampa Bay Vipers were the preseason favorites to be the kingpin of the XFL for the 2020 season. Instead, it has been nothing but a giant disaster. Head coach Marc Trestman has completely lost his team, and it is now leading to players leaving. RB/QB Quinton Flowers, who some viewed as a Taysom Hill like player XFL edition, has left the team, per reports. Flowers was the all time leader in many NCAAF statistical categories at his alum USF, which led him to bouncing around NFL practice squads and becoming the 5th round pick for the Vipers in the 2020 XFL draft. Many Vipers fans were happy to have Flowers in Tampa, but the feeling was not mutual. Many people are pointing the finger to head coach Marc Trestman. Flowers had 78 yards on the ground while compiling 106 through the air with 1 total touchdown. He did have one interception.

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The Vipers are in the backseat of the XFL standings, having compiled a 0-3 record to this point so far. They have scored 4 touchdowns this season, and only 3 of those have come on offense. Compare that to the Houston Roughnecks 13 or the LA Wildcats 10, & that looks quite skimpy.

The Vipers offense, however, may have some budding stars. They have 2 of the top 5 rushers in the league in DeVeon Smith and Jacques Patrick, combining for a total of 297 yards through 3 games. Add Flowers 78 yards, and that makes them one of the best ground attacks in the league. Dan Williams, out of Jackson state, has nabbed 11 balls for 180 yards and a score, coming in as the 4th ranked WR in the league. The talent is there on both sides of the ball, but the coaching is not. It is do or die time for head Marc Trestman.

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Vipers head coach Marc Trestman has had quite an impressive resume in his football life. He is a 3 time Canadian Football League, better known as the Grey Cup, champion. He has been given a crack in the NFL with the Chicago Bears. His resume is there. His heart in the XFL is not. Wheter it has been his lackluster halftime speeches or his mishandling of the QB position, this season has been a disaster. The Vipers have QB options. Well maybe I should say had. They misused Quinton Flowers, and Aaron Murray is on the shelf. This has made Taylor Cornelius the choice, and it has not been pretty. If Trestman had any sort of fight left in him, he would make a change at the gun slinging position before there week 4 showdown on Sunday.

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The season is in high swing and the Vipers are quickly falling out of the ranks. Week 4 is pivotal for not only them, but perhaps Marc Trestman. They host the DC Defenders in a Sunday Night Battle on ESPN 2. This prime time showing could be a good chance for Trestman to show the world they are not the laughingstock of the XFL, or it may just send him packing back to Canada like his short lived NFL audition did.

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It is Gut Check Time for Marc Trestman & the Tampa Bay Vipers?

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