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Why it is Time for Eagles Fans to move on from Nick Foles

By Kristopher Thomas

When Nick Foles was drafted with the 88th pick to the Philadelphia Eagles, he was viewed as a consolation prize for missing out on Russell Wilson. Since then he had one of the most unparalleled careers in NFL History, from throwing 27 TD’s and 2 INT’s in 2013 under Chip Kelly to getting traded to the Rams for Sam Bradford, to getting benched for Case Keenum, almost retiring until Andy Reid signed him to backup Alex Smith in Kansas City to then coming back to Philadelphia in 2017. Foles then would be given the biggest task of his career and that was to take the helm in relief for an injured Carson Wentz and finish the fight to help them win the Superbowl. Foles shocked the world by out dueling Tom Brady in Superbowl 52 and bringing home the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in Franchise history.

Foles in Philadelphia: 69 TDs 28 INTs 94 QB Ratings
Foles anywhere else: 13 TDs 12 INTs 96.6 QB Ratings
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Foles was revered as a hero and considering he was the first QB to bring home the title home, it was justified. Fast forward to 2019, Foles left the Eagles to move on and become a starting QB again which he hasn’t had the chance to since 2015 and the Eagles moved ahead with Carson Wentz. Wentz was met with boos and reminisce of Foles after also every errand throw and bad losses until he had a great December run and took the NFC East from Dallas and got them to the playoffs until a head shot from Clowney ex-sponged all the hard work Wentz had to do to get them to this point. Whereas Foles’ dream of being a starter again was short lived after a broken collarbone put him on the shelf for two months and after coming back was eventually benched for rookie QB Gardner Minshew and not being responsible for any wins for Jacksonville after signing a 4 year 88 million dollar contract. The off-season is upon us and where the Eagles are all in building the team around Wentz, Jacksonville now has buyer’s remorse and is looking to trade Nick Foles and as predicted the talk of Foles reunion in Philadelphia is taking shape. Eagles fans, you need to move on from Nick Foles. Please do.

After the way the 2019-20 season has concluded, the biggest talk was the Eagles moving on from the sentiment of the 2017 season, it wouldn’t make sense that the Eagles would continue to go backwards by trading for Foles. For starters the money would not work. The Eagles have about close to 47 million and trading for him would mean taking a near 50 million dollar price tag spread over the next three years and a third of the Eagles cap space for a backup QB. It would also undermined all the work that Carson Wentz had to redeem for himself this past season, especially with all the injuries that occur to the WR position.

And please drop the “we need a good backup QB” talk. There are plenty of backup QB option that doesn’t come with a 14,15 and 20 million dollar price tag over the next three years. Marcus Mariota, Ryan Fitzpatrick and even Nate Sudfeld who was going to be the backup before breaking his wrist in the preseason. Also the biggest issue is that the Eagles shouldn’t put Wentz in a position where after a bad game, series or throw you have a good chunk of Eagles fans chanting for Foles which is unfair to the entire team to bring that unwanted drama after reports came out saying that Wentz’s leadership was in doubt. And this isn’t because Wentz is mentally weak, it’s because Philly Sports fans have such an unhealthy love for backup QBs and Goalies and try their hardest to run their star players out of town because of this fake facade of “not getting their fans” even though a good portion of them are fake idiotic tough guys. The reality is this…

Foles gave me and the rest of the Eagles fan a great memory in 2017 by beating the Patriots and giving us a parade of Broad Street. However for the all questions and reserves everyone has in regards to Wentz’s durability the same can be said for Nick Foles as well. Also the fact even coming back from injury it took only 3 poor performances to have him bench in favored for a 6th round rookie. Foles is 31 and should be part of a team that will has a serious need for an upgrade at the QB position. A reunion with Frank Reich in Indy would make more sense that trading back for a backup with a hefty price tag. Even in New England with news that Brady isn’t coming back to the Patriots would make more sense. If you are vocal about not bringing back aging and under performing players then the same standard needs to held in regards to the bring back Foles rhetoric. 2017 is gone and so is Foles’ days suiting up for the Eagles. Take that money and get some new receivers, corners and everything else that will improve the Eagles. Trading to get back Foles doesn’t improve this team at all.

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Why it is Times for Eagles Fans to move on from Nick Foles

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