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Why Tom Brady Should Sign With The Tennessee Titans


This article was written by Mike Gutierrez Jr

With free agency being days away, Tom Brady is the biggest name on the market. Brady, who is 42 years old, is set to make the biggest decision of the off-season. He will decide if he wants to end his career with the most prestigious organization of today, or walk away from the only team he has ever played for.

After Tom Brady decides his own fate, the rest of the free agency domino’s will fall. Which is why his decision is big, when it comes to the full scale of the NFL landscape. And many people around the NFL are just speculating as of right now. Ultimately only Tom Brady knows where he will suit up next season.

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So, where are his possible destinations? Well, according to ESPN and rest of the media conglomerates, they think he might end up with the San Francisco 49ers, or the Tennessee Titans. Both teams make sense for Brady, because if he is to join the 49ers, he would be going back home, where it all began. On the other hand, the Titans make sense because, they have all the key factors to make a run at a Super Bowl Championship. Out of those two team, I will make the case for the Tennessee Titans.

Offensive Line Play

This past season, the Tennessee Titans offensive line made major improvements. From the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, the O-line was suspect until the emergence of Ryan Tannehill. The Titans offensive line ranked 7th to finish the season. You could say the Titans had one of the best offensive lines in the post season. And the play of Derrick Henry showcased the power of the Titans O-line down the stretch.

Insert Tom Brady. He is 42 years old, and he is not a mobile quarterback. Which means he will need to be protected at all cost. Obviously, am I right?

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Well, Tom Brady can still absolutely operate behind an elite offensive line like the Tennessee Titans. But one question is looming over the heads of the line for the Titans. Which is, where will free agent Jack Conklin sign? Will he resign with the Titans, or will he walk. That is yet to be determined.

Why is he so important? Well, If Jack Conklin is to leave the Titans, then there is a good chance Tom Brady will lean toward another organization. But if Conklin is to resign, then the Titans could possibly land Brady. In other words, Jack Conklin’s decision could ultimately swing Tom Brady’s decision.


Tom Brady has played in New England his whole entire career. All he knows is Bill Belichick’s offense and the New England way. The pairing of Brady and Belichick has been historically great. So, why leave? And sign with the Titans?

Well, the answer is, Mike Vrabel. The Tennessee Titans head coach had a superb NFL career. He played for 13 year’s and out of those 13, he won 3 Super Bowl Championships alongside none other than TB12! The two old teammates are only 2 year’s apart, which is crazy to even say. But it’s very conceivable that Mike Vrabel could ultimately end up coaching Tom Brady.

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Another component to making the case for Brady to Tennessee is, that General Manager Jon Robinson is also an old co-worker of Tom Brady’s. Jon Robinson basically grew with Tom Brady. The two were apart of the New England organization together for almost 11 year’s.

Robinson, who was one of the best scouts for the New England Patriots, helped put roster talent together for Brady. The two may have not played together on the field, but both of them had a hand in bringing the two championships they were apart of.

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Tom Brady would benefit from this move, if he is to entertain the possibility of joining the Titans, because he knows the general manger very well and has played with the head coach. Brady could very easily walk into Nashville and feel very comfortable, opposed to starting all over in an organization where there is no familiarity.

Offensive Weapons

Last season, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were lacking in many areas of the offense. While their defense had a historical year. Although, New England was in the top 10 in scoring, they still needed help to beat the elite teams in the NFL. And after the departure of Rob Gronkowski, the offense was seemingly not the same.


If Tom Brady were to sign with the Tennessee Titans, he would be well equipped with many weapons. He would be pairing up with Derrick Henry, who was the leading rusher in the NFL last season.

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Brady would also have a solid wide receiving core, consisting of A.J. Brown, who was arguably the best rookie wide out this past season. He also would have Corey Davis, who is still growing as a wide out, but he is definitely a great option.

And lastly, Tom Brady would have another great tight end, being Jonnu Smith. Smith brings another dynamic to the offense, because of how versatile he can be. This offense was good with Ryan Tannehill, but if you put Tom Brady back their, this offense could be great.

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With the Coronavirus causing chaos in the sports world, and the in the world in general. Tom Brady’s decision could come a little later on down the line. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady were to make announcement about his future as soon as free agency is rocking and rolling.

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Why Tom Brady Should Sign With The Tennessee Titans

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