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Cleveland Signs Offensive Lineman Jack Conklin

The Cleveland Browns signed former Titans right tackle Jack Conklin to a 3 year, $42 million contract.

The 25-year-old was drafted by the Titans in the 2016 NFL Draft 8th overall. So far in his career, Conklin has only registered 21 total penalties, which was a major issue for the Browns last season.

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Conklin will be joining a depleted offensive line group and will take Chris Hubbard’s spot.

The signing of Conklin does not mean that the Browns won’t take an offensive lineman in the draft as Cleveland still has major needs, such as left tackle, and right guard.

Conklin brings a newfound athleticism to the Browns offensive line, and the Browns will be happy to have him protecting Mayfield. This should help both Mayfield have for time to throw the football and he will help the running backs to have better fantasy days.

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Cleveland Signs Offensive Lineman Jack Conklin

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