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Minnesota Vikings Offseason: Free agent gold?

Minnesota Vikings Offseason: Free agent gold?

The Minnesota Vikings find themselves in an offseason that could be very different than years past. They have very little cap space and have the worst cap situation out of all teams. Minnesota’s 1.3 million in available cap is not enough to get anyone that can help the team. Minnesota will have to resort to cutting veterans and letting the fresh faces get their shot at glory. From what they showed last year, that might not be a bad thing. The Vikings will also have to look into the free-agent market. Minnesota has done a good job in the past at finding a solid player for cheap in the free-agent market.


Minnesota has made a few big decisions in the last week. A few of the veteran players were let go to make cap space. Former Pro-Bowl Cornerback Xavier Rhodes was released. Many saw this coming as Rhodes couldn’t seem to find his groove in the last two seasons. It is unfortunate as Rhodes was the best Corner in the league just 3 seasons ago. Minnesota saved a little over 8 Million in cap space by releasing Rhodes. It was a move that needed to be made.

Big man Linval Joseph was also released creating 10.5 million in cap space. This one will be more of a hit to the Defense as Joseph was still doing a fantastic job filling in the interior line. Joseph has had issues with injuries and it seemed his knees were starting to give out. It makes sense financially for Minnesota, but Joseph is a player not many wanted to see go. Especially since he scored that 64-yard touchdown. Minnesota has some young players on the line that will do good things, Joseph was just special in the hearts of Vikings fans.

Image Credit #98 Linval Joseph after 64 yard Touchdown.

Tight End David Morgan also got the boot. Taken in the 6th round of the 2016 draft, Morgan served as more of a blocking tight end. He got hurt before last season and never made it back to the field. Minnesota has plans to keep in touch with Morgan to possibly bring him back in the future if healthy.

Minnesota Vikings Offseason: Free agent gold?

Free Agents to pursue:

Andrew Sendejo: Sendejo made his way back to Minnesota at the end of last season and could find himself there this season. Sendejo knows the defense better than anyone else Minnesota could pick up, and he is a solid player. He has had problems with penalties and injuries. If he can clean up his penalties, he would be the best option while they draft a safety to groom in. In his career, Sendejo has 380 tackles, 2 sacks, and 9 interceptions.

Trae Waynes: Waynes is set to be a free agent and is going to be looking for some money. I think Minnesota should give him that money. Waynes had a rocky start to the NFL, but he has cleaned it up and has done a fantastic job the past few seasons. Waynes is fast and smart. He doesn’t make stupid mistakes as he did in years past and you can tell he has learned under Mike Zimmer how to be a better player. He was forced to take up a more CB1 role and he delivered. If Minnesota wants to stay in the playoff race, they are going to need veteran help from their team, and Waynes can provide that help and stability.

Everson Griffen: Griffen is set to be a free agent. Griffen has claimed that he wants to stay a Vikings, so there is speculation that a new contract is in the works that would allow him to stay on a cheaper salary. Griffen is a solid player and provides leadership.

Jarius Wright: Wright was drafted by Minnesota in the 4th round of the 2012 draft and played with the team until 2017. He played for Carolina the last 2 seasons. Wright was never one to light up the stadium, but he was a consistent target that would pull through when need be. Wright has 2,782 receiving yards along with 11 touchdowns. As stated before, his stats aren’t much, but he always pulled through when we needed him to, and if Minnesota loses Diggs, Wright would be a good WR3 choice.

Ronald Darby: Darby has had a decent career when one the field, but being on the field has been his biggest enemy. Since his NFL career started, Darby has played in 29 games in 5 seasons. His stats aren’t bad as he has 251 tackles and 8 interceptions in those games. Minnesota could grab Darby for cheap and sign him for a 1 year, prove-it contract.

Image Credit #21 Ronald Darby

Offseason News

Kirk Cousins has gotten a 2-year contract extension. This could mean Minnesota could move some cap around and make his guaranteed contract not seem like so much. This needed to be done as his contract was hurting the rest of the team.

Minnesota has done a very surprising move as they placed their Franchise Tag on Safety Anthony Harris. This comes as a surprise to many as it sounded like Harris was out no matter what. This was a fantastic move on Minnesota’s part as they need to keep their elite defense together as much as possible. Harris took a huge step forward last year as he had 60 tackles, 6 interceptions (which tied for most that season) and 1 touchdown to go along with it. Harris leaving would have left fans devastated as they only got to see him in action 1 year.

Image Credit #41 Anthony Harris

Minnesota has finally started to make moves and most have been great decisions. It has to be hard letting go of veterans but it is what happens in the NFL, and as players, they have to handle it. I am excited to see what Minnesota decides to do in the draft. They desperately need offensive linemen and a cornerback. Minnesota is on track to be a contender next year and I think it will be one fantastic season. SKOL!


Vikings have traded Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills for some first, fifth, 6th round 2020 picks and also a 2021 fourth rounder. Minnesota included a 7th round pick in the trade. This is not as crazy as one would think as Diggs has wanted out. Buffalo is getting a good player and with Minnesota having Thielen, they should be able to do something with all those draft picks.

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Minnesota Vikings Offseason: Free agent gold?

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