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New CBA Fantasy Implications

New CBA Fantasy Implications

It’s been a rocky road this last week. From losing March Madness, to the NBA, and then all spring sports, and then all sports in general. We are spiraling, but we can count on the NFL to give us something, a little nibble to keep us at bay.

The league voted on the new CBA (The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a labor agreement which reflects the results of collective bargaining negotiations between the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) and National Football League (NFL) team owners) and on Sunday March 15th in the morning we got news that it passed. No more marijuana suspensions, players can no longer hold out, and the league is now 18 weeks, as opposed to the previous 17 week league. The only change not effective immediately is the extra week of game play which we won’t see until 2021.

Now, obviously the players and coaches have to alter their strategy for this; but so do we fantasy managers. There are a few suggestions on how to handle the additional week in regard to the fantasy playoffs and season as a whole. Luckily, during our quarantine, we will have plenty of time to think about it.

Most commonly suggested, the championship game becomes a two week game. Leagues play the normal 13 week schedule: Week 14: playoffs start (No 1 and No 2 getting their bye week); Week 15 the winners from Week 14 versus the No 1 and No 2; and then both weeks 16 and 17 would be the championship game. This seems to be the favored option for the time being.

Some of the other suggested accommodations were playing the normal schedule, but doing something entertaining the final week, i.e. a best ball week or a pick ‘em, to win a small prize and occupy the week. I’ve also read about expanding 12 team leagues to 13 and 14 team leagues to 15, then adding an extra week to the fantasy season. I’ve read complicated division set ups and suggestions to quit head-to-head matches all together, neither of which I can see getting behind, personally. Fantasy Commissioners are going to have a few options and communication with their respective leagues is going to be absolutely imperative as we get closer to the new schedule in 2021.

Outside of the league year growing by a week, the CBA put a new limitation on international games; convenient for those of us who don’t function well in the early morning of a Sunday. Additionally, players can no longer be suspended for positive marijuana drug tests and the owners have made it almost impossible for players to hold out while waiting for a contract.

While the players seem to be pretty split on how they feel in regard to the new league rules, as a fantasy fan and a football fan, I can’t be mad at an extra week of games.

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New CBA Fantasy Implications

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