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Tennessee Titans Off-Season Recap 1.0

Free agency has been a wild one. I can’t remember a time where free agency has been heightened to this magnitude. And with all of the major sports being shut down due to the Coronavirus, you could say that this is the type of entertainment every sports fan needs. But on the Tennessee Titans front, it has been business as usual. So, here is a recap of what the Titans have done so far in free agency.

Who’s Coming Back

First thing’s first, The Titans priority’s were to re-sign Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry. And the organization did just that. Tennessee re-signed Ryan Tannehill to a four-year deal worth 118 million. Tannehill will be making 29.5 million yearly, and the deal includes 62 million in guaranteed money, and 92 million for the total in guaranteed money. This deal signifies that the Titans believe in Tannehill, and are trusting that he is the right man for the job.

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Up next, Derrick Henry. The Tennessee Titans decided to place a non-exclusive franchise tag on the NFL’s leading rusher. Which means that, Henry could still get offers from other NFL teams, but the Titans could match any offer that is sent his way. But that is highly unlikely. Because if Tennessee is to not match, the team that offers, must give the Titans two first round picks. This decision to tag Henry is smart, but many people around the league are scratching their heads. Why? Well, you would think the that Titans would offer their work horse running back a long term deal. But instead ,they gave it to Ryan Tannehill. I’m sure the Titans have a plan for Henry, but it’s still something the Titans fans are unsure of, and will continue to be unsure of until the season begins.

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Dennis Kelly is headed back to the Tennessee Titans! The OT signed a three-year deal worth 21 million, and is guaranteed up to 8.75 million. The offensive tackle will have a new found opportunity to start next season. And no, he will not be a viable wide-out! Even though he has more touchdown receptions in the playoffs then Odell Beckham Jr and Mike Evans!

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Free Agent Adds

The Tennessee Titans went out and added free-agent Vic Beasley. He signed a one-year deal worth up to 12 million. Beasley, who is 27 years old, is a solid pass rusher and was apart of the Atlanta Falcons last season. He showed flashes of brilliance in the 2016 season, but as the years have gone by, his play has substantially taken a steps back. But maybe Beasley will bounce back this year in the Titans defense.

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Here are some other notable moves.

Who’s Leaving

The Tennessee Titans are losing one of the best offensive tackles in the league. And that’s Jack Conklin. He spent his first 4 year with Tennessee, but he will be moving on. The free-agent is on the way to the Cleveland Browns. He signed a 3-year deal for 42 million, with 30 million guaranteed.

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The Titans also have made one trade. Tennessee is sending long time Titan, Jurrell Casey to the Denver Broncos for a seventh-round pick in this year’s draft. Casey, who has played 9 season with the Titans, was a real class act. His legacy will never be forgotten, and he will always be one of the great Titans to ever suit up.

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Tennessee decided to release, TE, Delaine Walker. He was apart of the organization for seven years, where he hauled in 381 passes for 4,423 yards, and scored 28 touchdowns. I expect upcoming star TE, Jonnu Smith to take over, and perform just as well, if not better, than Delaine Walker.

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Here are other notable departures

What’s to come?

With the week ending, the Tennessee Titans still have moves to make on both sides of the ball. If the Titans could sign another reliable second option type running back, that would be a great idea. Also, Logan Ryan is still out there on the market. Will the Titans re-sign him? Or will he walk? He is looking to get more than what he got this season, which was 10 million.

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Tennessee Titans Off-Season Recap 1.0


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