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The Implications of a Chargers/Giants Swap on Draft Day!

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With the bulk of the craziness of NFL Free Agency (and its been crazy), coming to a close, it’s due time to look towards the NFL Draft, if you haven’t been already. Specifically, the top of the draft where we have a few teams that could move around. First the New York Giants, who were big players in the open market, focusing on defensive production and offensive depth. With a plethora of options at offensive tackles, including Jedrick Wills Jr. and Tristan Wirfs, we could see the Giants trade down, nab some extra draft capital and still be in a good spot to grab an elite building block. Second, our prospective partners, the Los Angeles Chargers. With the mutual parting of quarterback Philip Rivers, his departure to the Colts and Tom Brady’s move to Tampa Bay, the Chargers are in the market for a signal caller. Tyrod Taylor has decent accuracy, above average ability to read defenses and good leadership, but a lack of arm strength. So, with options such as Oregon prospect Justin Herbert and pro-ready Tua Tagovailoa ready and available this year, it’s likely the Bolts will search for a viable upgrade. It’s also likely and necessary to move out of the 6th slot, with the Miami Dolphins ahead of them and also in the market for a QB. Now there’s also a possibility of the Detroit Lions swerving and selecting Tagovailoa, but that will not be discussed. That’s already been discussed in-depth, here. Plus, the last time the Giants and Chargers pulled off a draft day deal I’d say it turned out pretty well. Let’s take a look at some potential outcomes!

L.A Gets Their Guy: Herbert vs. Tua

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There are plenty of levels and variables to even this one discussion. First, how will the top three selections unfold? LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is the consensus top choice for the Bengals and it would be crazy for the Redskins not to go with edge-rushing phenom Chase Young. However, the questions lie at #3 with the Detroit Lions. If they do select Tua here then that leaves the Chargers with Herbert. If they go the route of addressing an open starting defensive back spot early with Jeffrey Okudah then that leaves LA with options. Let’s assess these options. Herbert has legit pro arm strength, can push the ball down the field with ease, struggled with pressure in 2018, but improved in 2019, he’s incredibly poised and accurate short on outside patterns, he’s big in the seams, benefits off play action and has a quick release and good mechanics. Tagovailoa’s stock has risen even further as his injury concerns have subsided. Additionally, he’s solid at reading coverages, has excellent touch and accuracy over the middle, he is comfortable and diligent in the pocket, going through his progressions, but a slight hitch in his delivery leads to some misses on out routes. Both guys are pro ready with high ceilings and are gonna be blessed with a full barrage of offensive weapons on the Chargers, hypothetically. Herbert and Tagovailoa both have versatility to space it out to running back Austin Ekeler in the flats or on wheel routes as well as deliver the ball vertically to Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry. What separates them in terms of situation in Los Angeles, in this scenario, is the Chargers’ protection and offensive line unit. Herbert is more capable with a collapsed pocket than Tagovailoa is, who is more pocket-driven and less agile. Either way, the Bolts get a potential franchise quarterback

The Giants Solidify Their Defensive Shift

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One of the Giants biggest needs is still offensive line, but i’ve beaten that hog-molly horse to death. So let’s have some fun and talk defensive play-makers. First, Isaiah Simmons, the versatile Clemson linebacker. The defender’s slender but muscular builds allows him the range to position at safety with a good combination of power and crackling speed. Dependent on the scheme Simmons can also take snaps at outside linebacker. He possesses a great motor, nose for the ball with good pursuit and speed, which can be used either laterally or vertically. Simmons ran a 4.39 40-yard dash at the combine, the fastest among linebackers and the seventh-fastest of any player in the 2020 draft class. Simmons’ athleticism is the key to his versatility and his coverage skills are raw. His tackling instincts don’t necessarily translate to the passing game and he occasionally fails to pick up assignments in the hooks and flats. As for man-to-man coverage, he has the physical profile and frame to match up and bump with bigger receivers in tight ends as well as the speed, agility and fluidity in his hips to play turn and run coverage and excel at it. Isaiah Simmons is a slam dunk prospect with a high ceiling and could start right away next to Blake Martinez and Ryan Connolly on the outside or play in the secondary, deep or in the box. (There’s also a chance the Lions take him as well).

The Giants Surprise With An Offensive Play-Maker

Credit: AP Photo/Vasha Hunt

What are the odds of this happening? Who knows, so let’s explore it. Alabama receiver Jerry Juedy and Oklahoma prospect CeeDee Lamb will likely be on the board by the time the Giants are on the clock in this mock scenario. Let’s say Simmons is off the board and Gettleman thinks their are so valuable trench commodities in the later rounds (crazier things have happened), that leaves Big Blue with two main options, Lamb and Juedy. So what would they be getting out of these two finesse-possessing burners? To start, Juedy is fast as hell, burns on release, slight improvement in the bump 2018 to 2019, his smoothness is off the charts , cutting corners and changing direction with ease. Jeudy’s footwork is graceful and agile along with quick, athletic, good ball skills, and an advanced catch radius due to athleticism. Lastly, he has displayed solid blocking and can win at the point of attack. As for the Sooner product, Lamb is strong with good ball tracking skills, he adjusts well and is dangerous in open space. He’s light on his feet, shifty and better straight on rather than side-to-side because of blazing speed. However, he’s still smooth when cutting and his lateral movement is on point. You can’t go wrong with either one, so who compliments the Giants offense the best? Well, both these guys are top caliber receivers with skills through the roof and most importantly ability to stretch the field for Daniel Jones. Whilst Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate are possession receivers, Shepard more athletic than Tate, Juedy or Lamb would plainly add a dynamic weapon on the outside. What separates them on the surface level is Juedy’s contact blocking abilities, so in an offense with Saquon Barkley as the prospective focal point, I’d give him the nod. Don’t you fret we’ll go deeper with the Giants offense in a different article at a later date but that about wraps it up!

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The Implications of a Chargers/Giants Swap on Draft Day!


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