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Tom Brady to Remain TB12 in Tampa

One of the most historic players in Buccaneers history to have the number 12 is changing his game day threads on his terms, and not the GOAT’s. According to Scott Smith, a senior writer for the Buccaneers, Chris Godwin offered Tom Brady his number 12 for the upcoming season & beyond. There was no known transaction involved. Godwin is set to take on the number 14, a number worn most recent by WR John Franklin, but most recently remembered by the quarterback play of Ryan Fitzpatrick, AKA “Fitzmagic”.

It was a good assumption that Tom Brady, also known as TB12, would land his number. I mean, what would he of done, change his iconic brand to TB10 and go back to his Michigan days? Nope. Stay with the winning culture, why not? Tom Brady has literally branded both a company and a logo with TB12. He has his own gym along with his own brand, TB12. Heck, you can even shop for TB12 workout goods and life essentials by clicking on the hyperlink. Both his winning culture and brand were pretty much a lock that he would keep his number, and that came to fruition the last day of March.

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But at what cost? None. Zero. Nothing. Nope, you did not read that wrong. Tom did not lobby to Chris with a rolex, a SUV, or a lump sum of money. Instead, Godwin offered it to Brady out of his own will. A true show of respect from the young phenom to a savvy veteran. I am sure Brady will hook Godwin up both on and off the field.

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Many people will overlook the importance of the number 12 to Godwin. Godwin wore the number 12 proudly in both college at Penn State, and in his first three seasons as a Buccaneer. His most recent season seen him play at an All Pro Level, making it to his first ever Pro Bowl. He created both the saying and catch phrase of “12szn” that is popular in Bucs twitter land, and he will look to continue that with “1fo”.

Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Tom Brady chat on Godwins Instagram Post

With the Buccaneers new uniforms set to unveil any day now, players want to look as sharp as possible. I am sure Godwin, who got a sneak peak along with Lavonte David and Devin White at the new uniforms earlier this month, knows he will look snazzy in his new threads. Teammate and CB Sean Murphy-Bunting also hinted at a jersey drop today, posting “26->23 soon!” in a picture on his Twitter account earlier this evening. Players are gearing up, and so should you.

With the fluid situation of COVID-19 happening before our eyes, many fans around America, and the world, are holding their breath to see the TB12 to “1fo” connection in Tampa this fall. Buckle your seat belts. Stay safe and healthy, folks.

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Tom Brady to Remain TB12 in Tampa

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