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Path To The Draft: Washington Redskins

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The Redskins are looking to move into a new era. Dwayne Haskins is at the helm and new Head Coach Ron Rivera is ready to turn...

Welcome to “Path To The Draft.” A new take on mock drafts where multiple scenarios are presented with different options at every pick. Ultimately, it works out like a mock draft where each pick has a prediction. We move down to the second overall pick and will be analyzing the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins are looking to move into a new era. Dwayne Haskins is at the helm and new Head Coach Ron Rivera is ready to turn Washington around. Much like the Bengals, the Redskins pick seems pretty clear cut. However, rumors have been swirling and we will be breaking down all possibilities.

With tons of opportunities ahead, this is the Washington Redskins Path To The Draft.

*Note: Round 6 is skipped over as in none of these scenarios the Redskins acquire a sixth round pick.

Round One

Image Credits: New York Post

Scenario 1 – Take Chase Young

Pick(s): 2nd

It seems obvious. The Redskins should capitalize on the top prospect in this draft. Chase Young is possibly better than last years second overall pick. Who, coincidentally enough, was also an Edge Rusher from Ohio State. The Redskins really need to bolster their weakened defense and starting with a premier Edge Rusher like Young is the best possible start.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins select Chase Young second overall.

Scenario 2 – Take Tua Tagovailoa

Pick(s): 2nd

Rumors have been swirling around for a while that the Redskins have been eyeing up former Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. While it seems blasphemous, think about this. The new front office, including Ron Rivera, did not select Dwayne Haskins themselves. The directions the Redskins were going last year is completely different from where they’re going now. Also, why do the Redskins need Young? They have two solid Edge Rushers in Matthew Ioannidis and Johnathan Allen. Even a vet like Ryan Kerrigan is still producing sacks at a good rate.

Ultimately, it isn’t totally out of this world that Tua could possibly end up in Washington.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins select Tua Tagovailoa second overall.

Scenario 3 – Trade Back

Pick(s): 2nd

Lots of teams have been trying to trade for Washington’s pick. Teams like the Jaguars and Raiders have been calling the most.

Given the Jaguars draft capital, it makes the most sense that they will be able to trade up for the second overall pick.

In this mock, the Jaguars make a huge move to jump into second.

The Jaguars trade the 9th, 42nd, 73rd and 116th overall picks to acquire the 2nd overall pick.

The trade was approved by The Draft Network’s computer team.

Needs: OT, IOL x2, TE, CB, WR, S, LB

9th Overall: OT Tristan Wirfs – A combine standout for his speed and agility, Wirfs was already top of his class even before his combine. The Redskins need to get a top Offensive Lineman to protect Dwayne Haskins.

OT Jedrick Wills Jr. – Same situation as above. But Wills has made his case to be the drafts top tackle. It’s a toss up between Wills and Wirfs.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins get a winner either way, but Wills seems to fit in better as a RT opposite Trent Williams.


Round 2

Image Credits: The Athletic

Scenario 3

Pick(s): 42nd

Only scenario 3 affects round 2. Since, as of right now, the Redskins have no 2nd round pick.

Needs: IOL x2, TE, CB, WR, S, LB

CB Noah Igbinoghene – There aren’t any solid Interior Offensive Line prospects here so the Redskins jump on another need. After cutting Josh Norman and trading Quinton Dunbar, the Redskins really need a Cornerback. Igbinoghene is a super underrated player. He is a first round level talent sitting in the middle of the second round. The Redskins would love to grab him here.

CB A.J. Terrell – Another Corner that some believe is a first round talent, Terrell is the backup plan if Igbinoghene isn’t here.

WR Tee Higgins – One of the most intellectual players in the draft, Higgins would fit in very well with McLaurin. Higgins will also help with Haskins’ mistakes like he did with Trevor Lawerence.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins select CB Noah Igbinoghene.


Round 3

Image Credits: The Viking Age

Scenario 1

Pick(s): 66th

Needs: OT, IOL x2, TE, CB, WR, S, LB

OT Lucas Niang – Niang’s 2018 hip injury was a big factor in 2019. He looked more restrictive in some of his pass sets. However, his length and reach allows him to get on pass rushers quickly. He is a great next level Tackle if his hip is no longer a problem.

IOL Robert Hunt – At this point, plugging in anyone at the Left Guard spot is better than what Washington has right now. But, Hunt as tons of potential upside. As mentioned in the Bengals Path To The Draft, he is a massive sleeper in this draft.

TE Adam Trautman – Trautman seems like he’ll take a while to develop, but the payoff for that is an All-Pro level Tight End. He is worth the gamble in the third round.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins settle their Offensive Tackle issue and select Lucas Niang.

Scenario 2

Pick(s): 66th

Needs: OT, IOL x2, TE, CB, WR, S, LB

OT Lucas Niang – See above description.

IOL Robert Hunt – See above description.

WR Michael Pittman Jr. – While building the Offensive Line should be the main priority no matter what, if you’re going with your future QB, you should get him his weapons. Pittman is climbing up draft boards and his physical, athletic style of play will play well along side McLaurin’s speedy skill set.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins increase the protection for Tagovailoa and select Lucas Niang.

Scenario 3

Pick(s): 66th, 73rd

Needs: IOL x2, TE, WR, S, LB

66th: LB Jordyn Brooks – The large presence of Brooks was felt in his senior season. He bring a physical play-style that helps his run stopping prowess. Stopping the run was a big issue for Washington, so picking up Brooks would be huge.

IOL Robert Hunt – See above description.

WR Bryan Edwards – A Run After Catch monster, Edwards and McLaurin would wreck havoc on opposing secondaries if they aren’t stopped as soon as the ball is in their hands. Plus, Edwards has lots of experience as a college senior. He could be a young leader on the Redskins offense.

73rd: TE Cole Kmet – The top Tight End in this class, Kmet would be the franchise TE Washington has come so close to having many times. Grabbing a TE or IOL at 73 is the best option for the Redskins here.

TE Adam Trautman – See above description.

IOL Netane Muti – Muti is rising up draft boards at the moment. If the Redskins miss out on Hunt, he would be a great grab at this spot.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins select LB Jordyn Brooks at 66. They also grab TE Cole Kmet at 73.

Round 4

Image Credits: wtvq.com

Scenario 1

Pick(s): 108th, 142nd

Needs: IOL x2, TE, CB, WR, S, LB

108th: IOL Tyler Biadasz – The Redskins have to go heavy on the trenches this draft if they start with selecting Young. Getting a defensive cornerstone like him will allow their other defensive needs to suffer for at least one more year, if the draft doesn’t present solid options. Biadasz will slot in as their franchise center for years to come

IOL Shane Lemieux – One of the big reasons Herbert had a successful college career was cause of guys like Lemieux. He was strong and powerful in his blocks, despite limited mobility. One of the most intelligent players in this class.

142nd: IOL Michael Onwenu – Doubling down on Interior Offensive Lineman with limited mobility may not be the best move, but the amount of power they get out of Onwenu and Lemieux would be huge. Literally.

WR Gabriel Davis – If Davis falls all the way to 142 like he did in this mock, then Davis should be selected to pair with McLaurin.

TE Josiah Deguara – A very underrated prospect, Deguara has lots of immediate upside once he gets into the NFL. The Redskins have many selections at 142 so it’ll be interesting where they’ll go.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins select their future LG in Shane Lemieux at 108. Then, they grab their future TE in Deguara.

Scenario 2

Pick(s): 108, 142

Needs: IOL x2, TE, CB, WR, S, LB

108th: IOL Tyler Biadasz – See above description.

IOL Shane Lemieux – See above description.

IOL Logan Stenberg – Stenberg deserves more credit for being an anchor on Kentucky’s offensive line. He is a big body that will be an immediate starter in Washington, slotting in at Guard.

WR Van Jefferson – An elite route runner, Jefferson’s versatility is at a level that Wide Receivers would kill to have. However, his athleticism is questionable. He’ll need to work hard at the next level to be successful.

TE Harrison Bryant – Like Jefferson, Bryant is an excellent route runner for a Tight End. A versatile player in the since that he can line up in backfield or as a Receiver.

142nd: IOL Shane Lemieux – See above description.

TE Josiah Deguara – See above description.

WR Gabriel Davis – See above description.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins continue the reconstruction of their Offensive Line with Logan Stenberg. Then, give Tua a solid weapon in TE Deguara.

Scenario 3

Pick(s): 108th, 116th, 142nd

Needs: IOL x2, WR, S

108th: WR K.J. Hill – The Ohio State product has been mocked to Washington a lot. He could slot in very nicely alongside his former teammate McLaurin.

IOL Logan Stenberg – See above description.

IOL Tyler Biadasz – See above description.

116th: WR K.J. Hill – See above description.

IOL Tyler Biadasz – See above description.

EDGE Alex Highsmith – A lot of people believe the Redskins need another Edge Rusher. With Young out of the picture, picking up a guy like Highsmith here would be beneficial. He’ll develop behind Allen and Ionnidis and could slot in as a starter if one of these guys doesn’t pan out.

142nd: WR Tyler Johnson – The Redskins shouldn’t mess around here. They should grab a Wideout this round to pair with McLaurin. Johnson is really underrated, but his speed and deep ball ability would blend well with McLaurin.

WR Isaiah Hodgins – Coming from the same Alma Matter as Brandin Cooks, Hodgins might possibly have the best hands in this class. Having someone that reliable will benefit Haskins in the long run.

IOL Michael Onwenu – If the Redskins already have a receiver at this point, then they should continue to build up their O-Line with Onwenu.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins beef up their O-Line with Stenberg at 108. Then build up their trenches on the other side with Highsmith at 116. They finish the round by securing another weapon in Tyler Johnson.


Round 5

Image Credits: The Draft Wire

Scenario 1

Pick(s): 162

Needs: IOL, CB, WR, S, LB

IOL Kyle Murphy – Murphy is a guy who can slot in anywhere on the Offensive Line, which will help Washington experiment with their young offensive line. He could be the gel that completes the offensive line. As a plus, his unique athleticism will help with compliment some of the more powerful blockers.

WR Devin Duvernay – Duvernay in the fifth round would be a massive pickup. He should be gone before now, but like Davis, if they catch a WR slipping they should pick them up.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins (hopefully) complete their offensive line with Kyle Murphy.

Scenario 2

Pick(s): 162

Needs: IOL, CB, WR, S, LB

WR Tyler Johnson – See above description.

WR Isaiah Hodgins – See above description.

IOL Kyle Murphy – See above description.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins get Tua another weapon with one of the best hands in this class. WR Isaiah Hodgins.

Scenario 3

Pick(s): 162

Needs: S, IOL

Wants: RB, CB, QB

S Julian Blackmon – A leader on the Utah defense, Blackmon could certainly provide the leadership Washington desperately needs. Sean Davis has not earned his starting spot, so Blackmon could jump in and provide immediate competition. Although, he would likely become the franchise starter.

CB Javelin Guidry – The Redskins got Igbinoghene, but they’re still starved at Corner. Another cornerstone on Utah was Guidry who was a great athlete. Doubling down on corner is a must with all the extra picks they acquired from the Jags.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins double down on Corners and acquire Javelin Guidry.


Round 7

Image Credits: 247Sports

Scenario 1

Pick(s): 216th, 229th

Needs: CB, WR, S, LB

216th: CB Myles Bryant – As mentioned in the Cincinnati Path To The Draft, Bryant has tons of potential as a DB out of Washington. He provides tons of explosiveness and could fit in as a Nickelback. (Something Washington desperately needs with the departure of Dunbar.)

WR Isaiah Hodgins – IF Hodgins actually falls to the 7th, then without hesitation he should be selected here. That’s a very big IF for one of the best pure pass catchers in the class.

WR Antonio Gandy-Golden – A physical pass catcher who made some ridiculous grabs at Liberty, Golden could compliment McLaurin’s speed with his aggressive physical nature.

229th: CB Myles Bryant – See above description.

CB A.J. Green – A quick reactor and athletic beast, Green is one of the better man-to-man corners in this class. However, he’ll greatly need to improve his ability to play the zone and read the receivers.

WR Tyrie Cleveland – One of the better deep threat players in the draft, the Redskins could choose to double down on speed and add Cleveland with McLaurin.

CB Lavert Hill – Once one of the top corners in this class, Hill had a very rough 2019. Hill has lots to work on in both zone and man-to-man coverages, but he has a solid foundation to build off of.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins go CB/WR no matter what here, but they select WR Antonio Gandy-Golden at 216 and CB Lavert Hill at 229.

Scenario 2

Pick(s): 216th, 229th

Needs: IOL, CB, S, LB

216th: IOL Yasir Durant – One of the best pass-blockers in 2018, Durant only surrendered 8. EIGHT. Pressures in 2018. Those numbers were better than Jonah Williams (11th overall pick in 2018) and Jawaan Taylor (35th overall pick in 2018.) However, in 2019 he showed some flaws. He has a wide first kick on his pass blocks. He has issues with inside movement. However, if Durant can iron out these core issues, Washington could acquire on the most underrated blockers in this class.

CB Lamar Jackson – Excellent athleticism and length, Jackson’s physical attributes surely check out. However, he will be limited to only an outside Cornerback. Underneath routes beat him a lot during his collegiate career. If Jackson can take his limited abilities and turn them into specialties, he could be a lockdown outside corner.

CB Myles Bryant – See above description.

229th: IOL Yasir Durant – See above description.

CB Myles Bryant – See above description.

Path To The Draft: The Redskins select CB Lamar Jackson at 216 to help with their Corner issue. Then, select Durant and hopefully get the 2018 blocker to round out their offensive line.

Scenario 3

Pick(s): 216th, 229th

Needs: S, IOL

Wants: RB, QB

216th: S Shyheim Carter – Carter was once a top prospect in the draft. Now, he’s barely looking like he’ll be drafted. However, Washington can afford to take a risk on Carter. He’ll have to work to earn his spot, which will bring the best out of him.

229th: QB Cole McDonald – The Hawaii superstar surprisingly declared for this years draft. With Haskins at the helm and Kyle Allen backing up, McDonald will have to work to get his spot. But, he has huge potential. Thus, Rivera and co. could work to turn McDonalds potential into the QB they want.

Path To The Draft Result: The Redskins complete their defensive needs by selecting Shyheim Carter. They also select a developmental prospect in Cole McDonald.


Final “Path To The Draft” Mocks

Scenario 1

Picks: 2nd, 66th, 108th, 142nd, 162nd, 216th, 229th

1st – EDGE Chase Young, Ohio State

66th – OT Lucas Niang, TCU

108th – IOL Shane Lemiuex, Oregon

142nd – TE Josiah Deguara, Cincinnati

162nd – IOL Kyle Murphy, Rhode Island

216th – WR Antonio Gandy-Golden, Liberty

229th – CB Lavert Hill, Michigan

Scenario 2

Picks: 2nd, 66th, 108th, 142nd, 162nd, 216th, 229th

2nd – QB Tua Tagovailoa

66th – OT Lucas Niang

108th – IOL Logan Stenberg, Kentucky

142nd – TE Josiah Deguara, Cincinnati

162nd – WR Isaiah Hodgins, Oregon State

216th – CB Lamar Jackson, Nebraska

229th – IOL Yasir Duant, Missouri

Scenario 3

Picks: 9th, 42nd, 66th, 73rd, 108th, 116th, 142nd, 162nd, 216th, 229th

9th – OT Jedrick Wills, Alabama

42nd – CB Noah Igbinoghene, Auburn

66th – LB Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech

73rd – TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame

108th – IOL Logan Stenberg, Kentucky

116th – EDGE Alex Highsmith, Charlotte

142nd – WR Tyler Johnson, Minnesota

162nd – CB Javelin Guidry, Utah

216th – S Shyheim Carter, Alabama

229th – QB Cole McDonald, Hawaii

The first two scenarios present very similar situations. Build up the offensive line, grab Deguara as the franchise TE and a heavy focus on the offense. However, in the 3rd scenario, the picks acquired from trading back allows them to bang out all their needs early on with top prospects. Getting Wills would be huge for the Redskins O-Line. They also have the room to double down on Cornerback and add a higher caliber TE in Kmet.

Overall, the Redskins have an interesting situation at hand. They can either get the best defensive prospect in the draft or secure good prospects at all their positions of need. Or throw a massive curveball and take a QB. It’ll be a tough call for Rivera and the Redskins front office no matter what, but the Redskins will hope that this is the year thing finally turn around.

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