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The Future Of The Panthers Is Now In Matt Rhule’s Hands

Young coaching staff takes over the Panthers

The Panthers have hired new Head Coach Matt Rhule to a 7-year $62 million contract. Showing Rhule is the future of the Panthers. Rhule has a history of success in coaching college football. He rebuilt Temple University’s program starting in 2013 and continued to do so until his departure in 2016. Temple had a 2-10 record after their first year under Rhule, who was able to turn the University’s program around. In the end the 2016 season at 10-3. Right after the 2016 season, Rhule went to Baylor University to turn around their disastrous team. Matt Rhule took over the Baylor Bears in 2017 leading them to a 1-11 season in his first year. With a short 2 year turn around, Rhule was able to get Baylor competitive once again brining them to 11-3 in 2019, then came his major opportunity – signing a contract with the Carolina Panthers.

Can Joe Brady’s College Success Help The Future Of The Panthers Young Offense?

In addition to a new head coach, the Panthers also signed Joe Brady. Brady serves as the Carolina Panthers Offensive Coordinator. Joe Brady is coming off an amazing year as the “Passing Coordinator” for the Louisiana State University Tigers. Under Bradys passing offense he helped LSU to a National Championship as well as raising Joe Burrows draft stock. LSU used a lot of 5 protection sets, meaning only the Offensive Line was the protection for the Quarterback. There will be plenty of passing, with a up-tempo pace, leading to big play possibilities. After being with LSU for the 2019 season, Brady then left, and signed with the Carolina Panthers. This will not be Bradys first NFL coaching gig, before LSU he was on the New Orleans coaching staff.


Young Offense leads the Panthers?

Teddy Bridgewater is the Panthers new franchise Quarterback after signing a 3-year $63 million deal at the beginning of Free Agency. Bridgewater is 27-years old, he formally played for the New Orleans Saints the past 2 seasons, and even played under Joe Brady. Teddy Bridgewater is the best option for the Panthers this season in knowing the system that the Panthers will run on offense. Is Bridgewater the long-term answer though? That is the question amongst many Panthers fans. Bridgewater at 27 is relatively young, but could be the “bridge” Quarterback if the Panthers decide to draft a Quarterback in the upcoming years. The Panthers could be looking to draft a QB not this year but next year in the draft, possible contenders include Trevor Lawrence from Clemson, or Ohio State Quarterback Justin Fields.


Christian McCaffrey the Future Of The Panthers?

Christian McCaffrey is the best Running Back in the league after coming off a season where he rushed for over 1,000 yards and gained over 1,000 yards receiving, being only the 3rd player ever to do that in NFL history. McCaffrey is going into his 4th NFL season this upcoming year and just agreed to a huge 4-year $64 million deal making him the highest paid Running Back in NFL history. Many say it is not worth paying a Running Back top dollar, it has not worked out in recent years with Todd Gurley and David Johnson both getting huge contracts. Both being moved to a new team this offseason. The only player who everybody is waiting to see what happens is Ezekiel Elliott. With McCaffrey’s ability to catch passes in both the slot and out of the backfield.

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The breakout season for second year Wide Receiver D.J. Moore was very impressive with not having a consistent Quarterback all season long. With Cam Newton, Kyle Allen and Will Grier all starting games for the Panthers in 2019, D.J. Moore was still able to finish the season with 87 receptions and ending top 5 in the NFL with 1,175 receiving yards. With a consistent Quarterback this upcoming season, D.J. Moore will have a great career and will be the #1 Wide Receiver for years to come. Even with the recent comments from Panthers great Steve Smith saying D.J. Moore has not shown to be a true #1 Wide Receiver. Moore will be the best Wide Receiver the Panthers will have since Steve Smith was last on the team, believing he is a key piece to the future of the Panthers.

What to make of the recent rumors of Curtis Samuel.

Curtis Samuel is a victim of the inconsistent Quarterback play and can have a solid career with a consistent Quarterback, but it will not be in Carolina. The Panthers have several players who have the ability to run the plays that Curtis Samuel specializes in and with a need of Wide Receivers who can get the ball at the high point and catch the ball over defenders. Curtis Samuel might be expendable, especially if the organization is trying to get more draft picks this year.


Defensive holes and what needs to be addressed.

The biggest question about the Panthers as a team in the future is the Defense. Who will be the leader of this defense going forward with the retirement of Luke Kuechly? Shaq Thompson instantly comes to mind to be the next leader, as he just signed a 4-year $54.2 deal before the end of last season. Brian Burns going into his second season, pass rush looks like it can be a bright side. Burns was limited on play time last season, but still produced 7.5 sacks. The Panthers can get additional help in the draft for the defense by picking Derrick Brown or Isaiah Simmons who could be possible starters if selected.


What is the Future of the Carolina Panthers?

The Panthers are not in a “rebuild” situation, they are in a retooling phase to stay competitive in a powerful NFL South Division. They have all the tools to compete and in 2-3 years have the ability to be serious contenders and a force in the NFL if Matt Rhule can continue his success in the NFL. The Future is promising for the Carolina Panthers.

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