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2018 NFL Redraft Picks 1-10

That’s right a 2018 NFL redraft. Don’t you wish you had the ability to go back in time to fix a mistake? To undo a decision at the time seems the right thing to do, but ended up with Buyer’s remorse? This is what exactly this article is about. A chance to revised any wrongs in this 2018 draft. Let’s take that trip down memory lane which was only years ago for a 2018 NFL redraft. Cleveland Browns you are now on the clock.

1. Cleveland Browns

Original: Baker Mayfield 

Redraft: Baker Mayfield

We start off this 2018 NFL redraft with the Browns and once again they choose Baker Mayfield. As bad as Mayfield’s sophomore slump was, the Browns still made the right pick taking him with the #1 pick. Coming out of the draft he was the best QB and the guy they needed to galvanize a perennially losing franchise. When we saw Baker come in for the injured Tyrod Taylor in week 3 we saw why he should have been 1 starter. However, after getting a massive reality check in his 2nd season, it was easy to hope off the Baker bus but I’m not going to pretend that any of the QBs in this draft which also includes Lamar Jackson would have fared better with the Browns. John Dorsey picked Rodgers for the Packers and Mahomes for the Chiefs. With better stability from management & coaching(4th HC in 3 years), Baker still has a shot of becoming a very good QB in the league.


2. New York Giants

Original: Saquon Barkley

Redraft: Quenton Nelson

Every off-season we hear how bad the offensive line is for the New York Giants until our ears bleed. So even though Barkley is a phenomenal talent at the RB position, Nelson going to the Giants is a much smarter move to make. If they gave Rookie of the Year awards to OL, then Nelson would have been my pick. He helped transform the Colts OL into one of the best units in the league and kept Andrew Luck upright for 16 games plus the playoffs. Barkley is a great RB but there’s a reason why the Giants are still picking top 10 in the draft and their OL still isn’t anything to write home about. Nelson keeps Manning and eventually, Daniel Jones protected. While also giving them a better chance to win than Barkley does.


3. New York Jets

Original: Sam Darnold

Redraft: Sam Darnold

The Jets were always going to take a QB with this pick. However once again situations matter. Even with Jackson showing how much of a better QB he is than Darnold so far in his career, too much was going against Jackson for him to flourish in NY as he is in Baltimore. Darnold’s biggest issue coming out of USC was turnovers and that hasn’t changed. However given the circumstances he’s being asked to play under with a bad OL and no true #1 target and Le’Veon Bell who’s production has also dipped to the OL, Darnold got the Jets to win 6 out of their last 8 games after coming back from illness. The Jets have given him little to nothing to work with but Darnold wasn’t a total miss with the 3rd pick.


4. Cleveland Browns

Original: Denzel Ward 

Redraft: Denzel Ward

Denzel Ward has more than proven his worth as an upper-tier CB in the league over the past two years. Earning a pro bowl in his rookie year and having similar numbers in his 2nd season and help them improved to 7th in passing allowed from 25th in his rookie season. If the Browns had to do it over again they wouldn’t have any problem picking Ward again.

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5. Denver Broncos 

Original: Bradley Chubb

Redraft: Derwin James

Bradley Chubb has been a good partner in crime opposite Von Miller, However, I was & still am a big fan of Derwin James and him playing alongside Justin Simmons and Chris Harris Jr. makes it a tough secondary to throw on. Especially when you had Mahomes and Rivers in your division at the time. James has great IQ and versatility and even with Harris getting older, a back end with Simmons and James as your safety makes you want to think twice about doing deep. James did have a setback with a foot injury his second season but when he’s on the field he’s an absolute game-changer.


6. Indianapolis Colts

Original: Quenton Nelson

Redraft: Bradley Chubb

With Nelson off the board, there’s a significant dropoff on the board for interior linemen. However, the Colts needed a pass rusher as well, only racking up 25 sacks total the season before this draft and Chubb is a great piece to improve the line and can transition to a traditional 4-3 DE. Pass rushers are a must in this league so the Colts grabbing Chubb is an ideal pick with Nelson gone.

7. Buffalo Bills 

Original: Josh Allen(traded up)

Redraft: Lamar Jackson

After making the playoffs only to lose in the wildcard, the Bills were in the market for a QB as well after trading Tyrod Taylor. However this time they didn’t pick Josh Allen who was the right fit for that team. They take the former Heisman winning QB from Louisville. Allen and Jackson’s game from a scheme based are about the same, the only difference was Jackson was a more polished passer than Allen was coming out. Jackson’s dual threat ability gives him the ability to navigate behind an average line and he protects the football at a consistent rate than Allen. Everyone loves Josh Allen in Buffalo but I’m sure they’ll love Action Jackson just as much.


8. Chicago Bears 

Original: Roquan Smith

Redraft: Roquan Smith

This pick was the right move for the Bears. Despite missing OTAs his rookie year, he finished 3rd in tackles and 5 sacks as a rookie on a stacked Bears defense and was on pace to have a similar stat line before tearing his pectoral. Smith was the right pick and I’m sure Ryan Pace would pick Smith again if he had a do-ever and wouldn’t regret it.

9. San Francisco 49ers 

Original: Mike McGlinchey

Redraft: Orlando Brown

If not for an awful showing at the NFL combine, Brown would have been a 1st round pick. However Brown slipped into the 3rd round because of it. McGlinchey wasn’t a bad pick for the 49ers, but Brown has shown more consistency in pass protection and earned Pro Bowl honors in 2019. Brown is the pick here in this redraft. 


10. Arizona Cardinals 

Original: Josh Rosen

Redraft: Josh Allen

The Cardinals were all in on Josh Rosen. Even Kiem had Rosen ahead on his board over Allen & I did too. However, Josh Rosen had to deal with the worst circumstances of any of the rookie QBs that came out this draft. However this time instead of Rosen, the Cardinals brass take Allen. Allen has improved to become the Bills franchise QB whereas Rosen is likely to become a journeyman who can’t even beat out a near 40-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Granted the situation doesn’t change except for QB, but Allen’s athleticism, raw potential, and big arm would let Allen fare better in year one than Josh Rosen did. Also eventually sell Kliff Kingsbury to work with Allen as opposed to scraping Josh Rosen for Kyler Murray. Maybe that nabs them Nick Bosa to play alongside Chandler Jones? What an alternate timeline that would have been. Tune in next time for a continuation of this 2018 NFL redraft. Picks 11-20 are on deck next time.

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