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Jalen Hurts top Three Landing Spots


This article was written by Mike Gutierrez Jr

From Alabama to Oklahoma to the NFL Draft. Jalen Hurts is ready to prove everyone wrong yet again. But the question is, where will Hurts land? Well, over the past week many teams have mentioned the possibility of selecting Hurts. Those teams are the New England Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Green Bay Packers. Although two of the three teams have their franchise quarterback, It wouldn’t hurt to look forward to the future. So, which team out of these three can best suit Jalen Hurts?

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New England Patriots

For the first time in 20 year’s the Patriots will not have Tom Brady as their starting quarterback. Which is weird to say. But it’s now the new reality in New England. And with that being said, the Patriots are now in the market for a new quarterback. Some people though think Jarrett Stidham could be the answer. Which wouldn’t be a surprise, considering how Bill Belichick operates. But change is a theme in New England, and drafting Jalen Hurts would change the organization dramatically.


Jalen Hurts would be a breath of fresh air for Bill Belichick and OC Josh McDaniels. Not to disrespect Tom Brady, but the man was not mobil by any stretch of the imagination. (It didn’t matter though, the dude still won 6 damn titles) Hurts, on the other hand, is one of the top athletes in this year’s draft. Which means that Bill Belichick would finally have a quarterback that can throw and run. You see, Jalen Hurts would bring a dimension to the offense that literally hasn’t been there ever for the Patriots.

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The great Bill Belichick could utilize Hurt’s strengths when it comes to implementing the RPO. And with Sony Michelle and James White in the backfield, OC, Josh McDaniel’s can get creative. But when it comes to the wideouts for the Patriots, it gets a bit scarce. With having such a weak wide receiving core, there will be points where Hurts could be exposed for being an inconsistent passer.

I say that because he thrived in Lincoln Riley’s system. He threw for 3,851 yards and threw 32 touchdown passes last season. And Riley’s spread-offense showcased not only Hurts ability to throw, but it’s who he threw to. Hurts and Lamb we’re one of the top duos in the nation last season. Riley had the offense suited for Hurts to be successful. Now can the Patriots serve up an offense right for Jalen Hurts? We will soon find out if the Patriots can have the opportunity to make that happen.

Atlanta Falcons

Jalen Hurts to the Atlanta Falcons? Is this a good fit? Why would the Falcons even consider him? Well, Matt Ryan is entering his 13th year in the league. He has shown regression since the collapse in the Super Bowl. His stats don’t show that he is regressing, but it goes further than just the numbers.

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The City of Atlanta is salivating for another version of Michael Vick. And Jalen Hurts could be that spark plug to revamp the excitement in Atlanta. Even though Hurts isn’t as explosive as Vick was, that doesn’t mean he can’t be as successful as Vick, or even more successful. Matt Ryan could be the teacher to Hurts, where he could groom him into becoming the next quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

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How would Hurts fit into the Falcons system? Well, for one, he is a mobile quarterback that can make plays when the pocket collapses. He can also create plays when plays aren’t there. His scrambling ability is second to none as well. Don’t believe me, well last season he rushed for 1,298 yards and added 20 touchdowns. Jalen Hurts could be great for the Falcons. By adding Hurts talent to the Falcons spread offense, you can plug him in right away.

Green Bay Packers

Last but not least, the Packers have been rumored to have Interest in Jalen Hurts. According to Ian Rapoport, the Packers have had virtual meetings with the quarterback.

Could Hurts be the next quarterback for the Green Bay Packers? Yea, Um, probably not. With Aaron Rodgers being one of the best quarterbacks to play the game, I think there is no way in hell Jalen Hurts takes his job. On the flip side though, the Packers can select Hurts and he can learn from one of the all-time greats. And with the league shifting to Hurt’s athletic abilities, the Packers will be getting a future quarterback, that could be used in any spread system in the NFL.

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