February 26, 2021

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Dallas Cowboys Second Round Recap: A Familiar Name at 51

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The Dallas Cowboys' Round Two selection was widely presumed to be defense. After choosing Wide Receiver CeeDee Lamb at pick 17 last night, the Cowboys...

The Dallas Cowboys’ Round Two selection was widely presumed to be a defensive player. After choosing Wide Receiver CeeDee Lamb at pick 17 last night, the Cowboys were looking to add to a defense that was depleted in free agency. Luckily for them, other teams chose offensive players early and often in the second round. This pushed some intriguing defensive players closer to their pick. Although they reportedly looked into options to trade up earlier today, they decided to stay put and select Trevon Diggs, Cornerback out of Alabama.

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Trevon Diggs lines up outside against an LSU Wide Receiver
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Trevon Diggs might sound like a familiar name. One reason is because his brother is Stefon Diggs, now a member of the Buffalo Bills after a trade this offseason. Another reason, however, might be because he was heavily linked to the Cowboys recently as an option at pick 17. It should make Cowboys fans happy to have him fall to them at pick 51 instead. Diggs recorded 57 tackles and 4 interceptions in his two years as a starter at Alabama.

How He Fits:

Diggs transferred to cornerback after playing as a receiver in high school. This shows up when you watch him on tape, because he understands route concepts very well and can quickly read plays as a result. He is also an excellent athlete, with fluid hips that he uses to stick to his receiver in coverage. Diggs’ size (6’1 205 lbs), length, and athleticism combine to make him an excellent prospect with a high ceiling.

The drawback in taking Diggs is that he may take a year or two to develop to his full potential. Luckily for him, his skillset is perfect for running the kind of versatile scheme the Cowboys’ new coaching staff wants to run. With the Cowboys’ current options at corner, it would not be surprising to see Diggs win one of the outside corner jobs outright by the end of this season. And with all but one current Cowboys cornerback set to hit Free Agency in 2021, Diggs looks to be a big part of the future in Dallas.

Diggs helps fill the biggest weakness on the Cowboys’ roster, offering promising upside. He should immediately make an impact on the defense in 2020, with the potential to develop into an excellent cornerback for the Cowboys’ future.

Pick Grade: B+

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