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NFL Draft breakdown -Quick takeaways and happiness ratings

Day one of the NFL draft is in the books and it positively flew by! Picks came in thick and fast, and while the first three selections were “by the book” there were some twists and turns along the way. Read on for a draft breakdown with a difference.

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No drama

Miraculously, there were no obvious technical hiccups, no accidental picks by a toddler who spilled a soda on the keyboard, and no “I thought I was on mute?!” moments.

Of course, we did witness the commissioner of the NFL attempting to rile up a screen before each pick, mess up the date of the actual Vegas draft and drop a massive spoiler for the Dolphins second pick moments before he announced it.

Overall, the NFL provided an entertaining evening of football.

We begin this draft breakdown with my quick takeaways from round one of the 2020 NFL Draft.

What do the Cardinals do with Simmons?

Isaiah Simmons is undoubtedly an athletic freak who can make impact plays all over the field, but where he lines up on the field is another matter. We all heard people waxing lyrical about his ability to cover receivers outside and inside, blitz and impact the running game.

The problem is, I don’t see any of the skills at the elite level. Being a jack of all trades in fantastic at college, but does that skillset transition into the NFL?

If not we could see Simmons struggle to find a true home as an impactful playmaker, unless the Cardinals can find a way to properly utilise him.


Goodbye Michael Gallup’s fantasy value

It’s a shame really. Gallup was gaining steam as a mid round pick in redraft leagues and was commanding decent value in other formats.

However, with the improbable addition of the (arguably) best receiver in this class in CeeDee Lamb, the Jones family ruined all the hope we had for the former Colorado State standout.

The good news is that with Cooper, Lamb, Zeke and Gallup to fuel that offence, Dak Prescott stands to make mega money and shoots up the QB fantasy rankings.


Mayock knows best

You get the sense that Mike Mayock and John Gruden delight in making picks that no-one really predicted. Yes, Henry Ruggs III is a great prospect with speed to burn and a good track record against top college defences, but is he worth passing on CeeDee Lamb? Time will tell. Unfortunately most analysts pumping out draft breakdowns believe this could be a swing and a miss.

The nicest thing people can say about the Damon Arnette pick is “he competes”. You would think this is a minimum requirement for a professional football player. However, for a prospect who wasn’t going to play in college this year I suppose this is a box that must be ticked.

Never mind Herbert, the Chargers’ D is going to compete

Derwin James, Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, Chris Harris Jr and now Kenneth Murray. Let’s not forget the lesser known contributors like Perryman, White and Casey Hayward; alongside ascendant young defensive backs Desmond King and Nasir Adderley.

The Chargers want to compete in the AFC West and they’re stocking up the talent to do so. Murray adds athleticism, leadership and top-15 talent to an already dangerous defense.


Be happy

Next up in the draft breakdown is the all important happiness rankings. I’ll break it down for you:

  • 1 is open mouthed shock and and sadness;
  • 5 is a questioning eyebrow raise with a nod
  • 10 on the happiness ranking tells you that this person is sat high on their imaginary throne, directing traffic away from their mansion made of gold.

Jerry Jones and the entire Dallas Cowboys organisation – 11/10

We all watched in wonder as the consensus most complete receiver prospect in this year’s draft slowly slid down the draft board.

We all blinked in horror as we saw Jerry’s wide smile aimed directly into the camera.

Try prising that ear to ear grin from anyone in the Cowboys organisation for the next few years.

Mayock and Gruden – 8/10

“We know something you don’t know” has now officially replaced “Just win, baby” as the mantra of the Las Vegas Raiders. Let’s just hope for their sake that Ruggs is more T.Y. Hilton than Darius Heyward-Bey.

Dwayne Haskins – 7/10

You can almost feel the giant sigh of relief emanating from wherever Haskins is locked down. Rumours, trades, getting “Rosened” – it was all in play.

Unless Riverboat Ron believes that Kyle Allen or a Day 2/3 prospect is the answer at quarterback, the Ohio State standout has the starting gig in Washington.

Bill Belichick – 6/10

It doesn’t matter if there is a plan in place at this point, or Bill is genuinely happy with Jarrett Stidham as his starter. Regardless, Bill still stuck a giant middle finger up to the rest of the league by trading out of the first round.

Patriots fans – 4/10

Oh Bill, this all better be leading somewhere good. Pats fans were likely left scratching their replica Lombardi’s in puzzlement as New England departed Day 1 of the NFL draft with no players.

Not even a tight end that “could be the new Gronk” or friend for Julian Edelman. Let’s hope the Pats’ day two draft breakdown is more exciting.

There are some exciting players left; but it could be just possible after a run that may never be matched, that the Patriots are now the afterthought in the AFC East.  

Aaron Rodgers – 1/10

Well, it went so well the first time and surely nothing can go wrong here.

*cut to Aaron Rodgers in a Patriots uniform*


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