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Miami Trades for Matt Breida + Fantasy Implications

Matt Breida is now a Miami Dolphin. Early in the 5th round of the NFL draft, Miami sent the 49ers pick number 153 in exchange for the speedy runningback. Miami will pair him with another recent acquisition, Jordan Howard. Likely serving as the elusive option to Howard’s powerful downhill style, the two should make a good pairing.

Breida is coming off a reasonably successful season, though it was shortened by the injuries that have plagued him. Rushing 623 yards at a 5.1 ypc average, Breida was a solid performer in the crowded 49ers backfield. Tied for dead last in yards per attempt last year, the Dolphins obviously hope that efficiency is coming with him to Florida. At the cost of a fifth round pick, this is an excellent upgrade for Miami, and has answered a major question on their roster.

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Fantasy Implications

With the extraordinary changes to Miami’s offensive line, it is obviously hard to predict how strong the running game will be. Immediately, this hurts Jordan Howard’s value. Most likely, Miami will be splitting carries between the two backs, though for Matt Breida, only sharing with one other back might be an improvement. Adding a danger in the backfield also obviously will help the quarterback, whoever that may become week one. Both Tua Tagovailoa and Ryan Fitzpatrick have demonstrated they can be a risk on the ground, so adding the speedster in Breida makes RPO’s much more threatening to a defense. Rushing yards are a precious fantasy asset when it comes to the QB position, so this could be a serious boon.

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