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Robert Hunt and More: Miami’s 2nd Round

The second round of the NFL has wrapped and the Miami Dolphins have continued their prodigious rebuilding effort. At pick 39 they selected Robert Hunt, a multi-positional offensive lineman. He brings size and speed to the unit but is a bit raw as a pass protector. He has experience on both ends of the line and will be an immediate contributor.

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With the 56th pick, Miami adds a second Raekwon to their defense in Raekwon Davis, Defensive Tackle. Davis brings a similar level of physical traits in need of a technical polish, being an athletic and energetic presence on the defensive line. However, he’s two years removed from a first-team All-SEC performance, having declined in 2018 and 2019.


Who They Are

Both Robert Hunt and Raekwon Davis share a similar profile: Big, athletic players with high motor, motivation, and work ethic, but who need work on their respective techniques. They can both be day one starters, but the draft thus far is showing a level of trust in the coaching staff. It’s clear that the preference is raw talent that can be coached up over polished, out of the box prospects. Brian Flores demonstrated immense capability last year, and hopefully he’s up to the task.

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