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Second Round Surprise: Eagles take Jalen Hurts

The second and third rounds were full of players that can make immediate impacts. We also learned that Bill Belichick’s dog selected Kyle Dugger. Which is pretty awesome. This means the Patriots are now on their way to another Super Bowl. But Bill’s dog picking Dugger was not the biggest surprise. It was what the Eagles did with their 53rd pick.

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Making Sense of the Pick

The surprise was when the Philadelphia Eagles selected Jalen Hurts with the 53rd pick. Everyone that was covering the NFL Draft last night was completely thrown off by the selection. I mean Carson Wentz is just in the beginning of his massive $100M dollar deal. It was baffling.

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Now, why would the Eagles select a quarterback? Well, for one Carson Wentz has a history of getting injured. Two, Carson Wentz is injury prone. And three Carson Wentz gets injured commonly. Get what I’m trying to say?

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In a vacuum Jalen Hurts is a great insurance policy for the Eagles. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be used next season. Head coach Doug Pederson is known for being creative. And with Hurts being available to use next year, the Eagle offense could use Hurts athleticism to their advantage. Kind of like how the Saints use Taysom Hill.

The Final Word

The pick was a head scratcher, but the Eagles front office knows what it’s doing. Could the Eagles have gotten the next backup quarterback that leads them to a Super Bowl? Hopefully, Hurts never sees the field because Wentz stays healthy. Hurts has the possibility if given the opportunity to take control of this team. Hurts leadership and humble demeanor will prove dividends for the Philadelphia Eagles, and who knows, Hurts just might be the player the Eagles have been missing all along.

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