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New England Patriots 2020 Draft Grade and Review

One of the most important drafts for the New England Patriots in franchise history is done and dusted. The Patriots selected 10 players in the 2020 NFL Draft as they prepare for a team without Tom Brady for the first time in 20 years.

We all expected that the Patriots would not only add a quarterback but also some wide receivers considering the lack of quality personnel in those positions. It turns out we were all wrong. Out of the 10 picks that the Patriots had, Bill Belichick decided against adding either position to his squad. Whether this was the right decision for them remains to be seen.


New England Draft Selections For 2020

New England Patriots Draft Pick Trades

  • Trade Out: Patriots Send Pick No. 23 to L.A. Chargers for Picks Nos. 37 and 71
  • Trade Up: Patriots Send Picks Nos. 71 and 98 to Ravens for Picks Nos. 60 and 129
  • Trade Up: Patriots Send Picks Nos. 100, 139 and 172 to Raiders for Nos. 91 and 159
  • Trade Up: Patriots Send Picks Nos. 125, 129 and 2021 6th-rounder to N.Y. Jets for Pick No. 101
  • Trade Up: Patriots Send Picks Nos. 212 and 213 to Colts for Pick No. 182

Best Pick?

For me the best pick of the draft for the New England Patriots was their first one; Kyle Dugger. Despite playing at a “small school”, Dugger was seen as a first round prospect in most eyes for this draft and has shown consistently how good he is throughout his college career all the up to the NFL Combine.

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He is a versatile and athletic safety that can also play as a linebacker. At 6’1″ he has great size and length for the position, coupled with good speed and instincts. He could be a useful contributor in a veteran defensive secondary.

Highest Potential Pick?

The pick with the highest potential in my eyes is Josh Uche. Uche is another versatile player who can play as a linebacker, but specifically excels as a pass rusher. He uses his explosiveness and speed to put quarterbacks under threat quickly.

Uche didn’t start until his final year at Michigan so he has a lot of room to grow and improve. I think under a Patriots regime he can unlock his full potential in the immediate future.


Worst Pick?

The worst pick of the draft for the New England Patriots is TE Devin Asiasi. Talent wise, this could be a solid selection, but the negative is mainly due to how costly it was for the Patriots to get him. The Patriots decided to trade up the draft which also cost them an extra pick in order to select Asiasi.

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This feels like a big reach for a prospect that was considered to be a 4th or 5th round pick. There were also several other tight ends on the board that were considered better recruits by many experts. Asiasi is just a 1 year starter in college so there isn’t a large of body of work, but he still needs to show development, especially on his route running and blocking.

New England Patriots Draft Grade:  C

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots were aggressive during this draft, making a staggering 5 trades throughout the whole draft. They traded up to get their two new tight ends, Asiasi and Keene and also traded up for one of their Edge’s in Josh Uche.

These trades ended up being quite costly in terms of draft collateral and the prospects could be seen as a bit of a reach for the Patriots. Josh McDaniels does rely on tight ends and it’s not surprising that he is trying to find the next Rob Gronkowski.

The biggest head-scratcher of the draft was that in the 10 picks the Patriots owned they did not select one quarterback. Jarrett Stidham just hasn’t proven that he is good enough to warrant the starting role at this point and it would be strange to not have some type of quarterback competition in New England.

The Patriots may address this issue by signing Andy Dalton or Cam Newton but at the time there were better options on the board e.g. Jalen Hurts. Not addressing the wide receiver position was also a strange decision considering it was a consistent issue for them last season.

The Patriots still did address some key areas and also focused on the defense in typical Bill Belichick style. Time will tell whether this draft was a pass or fail but in true Patriots style, we will see some contributors from this 2020 class.

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