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Report: Percy Harvin Attempting a Comeback to the NFL?


Former Pro Bowl WR and Super Bowl Champion Percy Harvin is attempting to make a comeback to the NFL, per source. Harvin, who is now 31, retired in April of 2016 before making a brief comeback to the NFL. Harvin then officially retired on March 14th, 2017. Plenty of players have stepped away from the game early these past few seasons, and others are ramping up comebacks. The 2020 off-season has already welcomed back Gronk, and maybe Harvin is the next familiar face to return to the scene in 2020.

Percy Harvin, NFL WR

Potential Landing Spots for Harvin

Every season the NFL welcomes stars into the league just as they wave goodbye to those who put on shows for the fans every Sunday. Harvins comeback is quite the warm welcome. Harvin is a Swiss Army Knife on the field, as his play making traits are endless. His ability to catch, run, and return could see him land on his feet quickly. He has a Tarik Cohen type skill set with much better statistics.

According to reports, and Harvin himself, he is heavily interested in playing with Tom Brady. Brady already has one comeback player in Gronk returning, why not make it two? NFL fans would be in for a treat each Sunday if Harvin indeed ends up in the Bay area. Harvin can be a veteran slot option and help limit the usage of Rob Gronkowski. If the Buccaneers can land Harvin for the veteran minimum and they do not upgrade the WR position in the draft, look for them to pounce quickly. However, the Buccaneers did draft a wide out in the fifth round.

Next, the New England Patriots make an intriguing comeback destination. Bill Belichick has had a quiet off-season to this point, which is quite unusual. Harvin can be the spark the Patriots need. A veteran player with his presence can pay big dividends for a younger locker room. Good old Bill is always looking to sneak in the veteran wide receivers. No WR was brought to Foxborough in this years draft.


Another intriguing landing spot is the Miami Dolphins. Harvin would get to comeback to a nice climate and a team in search of a WR. Although Miami is trying to get younger, they showed this past spring they are not afraid to spend money where needed and they did not address the WR position in the draft. The Dolphins definitely need to invest some $ into the WR depth chart, and Harvin is waiting in the wings.

Fantasy Football Implications

Although NFL teams may be drooling over Percy Harvins comeback, so are fantasy football owners. Percy Harvin brings rushing yards, receiving yards, and touchdowns to any fantasy team in need. Harvin will be available in late rounds of most drafts, and he may be the perfect sleeper to help your fantasy team land a championship.

Harvin accumulated over 4,000 yards through the air and nearly 1,000 on the ground in his career. He also has posted 22 receiving TDs, 5 on the ground, and 5 in the return game. This guy is not only dangerous for any NFL opponent, but for fantasy opponents as well.

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