February 26, 2021

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Carolina Panthers 2020 Schedule Reaction

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The Carolina Panthers schedule for the 2020 NFL season starts off at home against the Las Vegas Raiders. Playing the majority of...

Carolina Panthers Schedule for the 2020 season

The Carolina Panthers schedule for the 2020 NFL season starts off at home against the Las Vegas Raiders. Playing the majority of the division rivals within the first 10 weeks of the season is something the Panthers are not familiar with. As of recent years, most of the games against division rivals have come towards the end of the season.

First Quarter of the Season

In the first quarter of the season, the Panthers play the Las Vegas Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Chargers and the Arizona Cardinals. The Panthers have favorable matchups in the first four weeks. The Panthers have the potential to start the season 3-1 or even 4-0 with an upset with a new Buccaneers team that has not been together for very long. The Chargers, Raiders, and Cardinals all are in a rebuild or retooling phase. With the Panthers also in a retooling phase. There is a great chance the team comes out on top in 3 of the 4 matchups.

Second Quarter of the Season

In the next 4 weeks of the schedule, the Panthers play the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, and the Falcons again. The Panthers can come out of this stretch with 2 wins. Splitting the season series with the Falcons winning a game at home. As well as winning a game against the Bears who do not know who will be their starting Quarterback throughout the season. By half of the season, the Panthers can be in contention for a playoff spot, now that 7 teams from each conference make the playoffs. Best case scenario the Panthers can be 5-3 with half the season left to play.


Third Quarter of the Carolina Panthers Schedule

The Carolina Panthers schedule now starts to get difficult. With the next 4 games are against the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings. The best chance the Panthers have is winning 2 of the 4 games. 1 out of the 4 games is more likely to happen. With 1 win in the third quarter of the schedule, the Panthers record ends up being 6-6 heading into the bye week. The Panthers bye week is week 13 right before the final quarter of the regular season.

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The Final Quarter Of The Carolina Panther Schedule

To end off the final games of the Panthers first regular season under head coach Matt Rhule, the Panthers final 4 games are against the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins, and the New Orleans Saints. The Broncos and Redskins are realistic wins for the Panthers. Depending on circumstances at the end of the season, the Panthers could finish off the final quarter with 3 or 4 wins.

If the Saints have clinched a playoff birth, they can possibly bench their starters to rest up for the playoffs. If the Panthers can win the last 4 games, they can end the season with a record of 10-6. With the worst case scenario being, the Panthers lose to the Saints and the Packers, their final record can be a realistic 8-8. A final record of 8-8 or 10-6 is a great improvement for first year head coach Matt Rhule after taking over a 5-11 teams last season.

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