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3 Running Backs to Buy Low in Dynasty (Fantasy Football)

Buying running backs at a low value could be the difference between winning a dynasty championship and losing. A trend growing among the dynasty community is stocking up on young wide receivers and not spend high capital on running backs. In this article, we will discuss three running backs to buy low in dynasty. For more values for the 2020 season and premium rankings check out our Skew Draft Kit!


3. Chris Thompson

This one might surprise you but Chris Thompson is an incredible dynasty value. Thompson signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason, moving on from the Washington Redskins. Thompson will be reuniting with former head coach Jay Grudin, Jacksonville’s new offensive coordinator. Both Grudin and Thompson have expressed their love for one another. Grudin loves the guy and sees his talent. This is critical for fantasy value.


Chris Thompson is primarily a 3rd down back with great hands. He has never had more than 69 rushing attempts in his career. Thompson has averaged 55 targets a season since 2015. Last season Leonard Fournette had 100 targets as virtually the only running back on the team. If Thompson can stay healthy he is in line for a ton of work. The Jags tried to trade Fournette during the draft and were unable to find a trade partner. He will very likely not be back next season. That does not mean Thompson is the man next season, but he has a safe workload.

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A realistic season for Thompson would be 60 attempts for 350 yards, 1 touchdown, and 59 catches on 70 targets for 495 yards and 2 touchdowns. This would be a good season and a season worth trading for. This is a guy you can trade for by giving up a third round pick and you should be able to land him. Thompson should not be used as a running back two but rather a running back you can flex or stream off your bench.


2. David Johnson

David Johnson is a player that was left for dead at the end of the 2019 season. Johnson had some injury problems last season and was not used correctly. Instead of getting Johnson involved in the passing game and running to the outside the Cardinals had him running up the middle. Johnson was traded to the Houston Texans this offseason and now has a new lease on football life.


According to Fantasy Football Calculator David Johnson is the 36th running back off the board in dynasty startup leagues. He is valued almost like a running back 4 when he surely will finish ahead of that in 2020. Johnson is 28 and has a few more good years left in the tank.

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Buying David Johnson low now is the perfect time do to so. His value is at an all-time low. As mentioned above a David Johnson trade would likely include a second-round pick and I will accept all day long. A hot take trade would be trading away Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette for David Johnson and a pick. Fournette is not in the Jags future and he will lose a ton of receiving work in 2020. Johnson will be a 3 down back for the Texans and provide a return on investment for the next couple of years.


1. Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard might be one of the best players to buy low in dynasty across all positions. Howard is walking into a starting running back role with the Miami Dolphins. In dynasty my typical philosophy is load up on younger wide receivers and lean more on veteran running backs and replace them in the draft. Jordan Howard is a guy you can trade for on the low and will give you a great return on your investment.


According to Fantasy Football Calculator Jordan Howard is currently the 48th running back off the board in dynasty startup drafts. That is so incredibly low. I cannot believe how low that is. A starting running back is the 48th off the board. You can guarantee one year of production out of Howard in Miami. Howard will be at the very least a 2 down back and gets the goal-line work.

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Jordan Howard getting that type of production for a season means you could buy a starting running back that should finish in the top 24 for cheap. Would you rather have a second-round rookie pick that probably will not amount to anything, or Jordan Howard and at least 1 year of top 24 production. Howard should lead the Dolphins in rushing this season. A modest stat line for Howard in 2020 is 800 yards, 6 touchdowns, 10 receptions, 100 receiving yards.

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