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Can you trust Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt in fantasy football for 2020?

In fantasy football, you typically want to draft running backs that have the backfield all to themselves. Normally it is not wise to draft a running back that will be splitting touches with another really good running back. This year there is a team that could break that thought. The Cleveland Browns have two incredible fantasy running backs at their disposal for 2020. How do you know which running back to draft? This article will detail each player and explore the idea of if it is a good idea to draft either player.


Nick Chubb

In 2019 Nick Chubb finished as the number seven running back in .5 point per reception leagues. This was an incredible showing by Chubb and won a lot of fantasy owners many games. Nick Chubb finished with 1494 yards on 298 attempts, scoring 8 touchdowns on the ground. Chubb also caught 36 of 49 targets for 278 yards. Chubb was a player in 2019 that succeeded in a struggling offense. The offensive line play was horrible and could not protect the quarterback. They did create some holes for Chubb to run through and find success. Nick Chubb averaged an impressive 5 yards per carry in 2019. It will be tough for Chubb to stay as efficient in 2020 as he did in 2019.


The huge positive for Chubb is that the Browns brought in offensive lineman Jack Conklin in free agency, and made a splash in the draft by selecting Jedrick Wills Jr. This should open up even more holes for Chubb.

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Another positive for Chubb is the head coaching change. The Browns are bringing in a head coach in Kevin Stefanski that wants to run the football. As the offensive coordinator for the Vikings, there was a lot of running the football and a ton of fantasy football success.

Nick Chubb has all the talent in the world to be successful with the Browns. He already was last year and he can continue this success in 2020. In our Skew Draft Kit we have Chubb as a running back one but not as high as he finished in 2020. The main reason he will not finish higher than seventh in 2020 is Kareem Hunt.

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Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt is heading into 2020 healthy and eligible to play. This is a great combo for fantasy owners. Hunt is another running back who has all the talent in the world, but his fantasy success will come down to his volume. In 2019 Hunt was not able to play until week 10. He fished overall as the running back 50. In that short 8 game span, Hunt was the twenty-ninth running back. He never saw more than 9 attempts in a game and never saw more than 9 targets in a game.


Hunt was pretty mediocre for fantasy when he was on the field in 2019. He only averaged 4.2 yards per carry. He totaled 179 yards on a measly 43 attempts, only scoring twice. Hunt received most of his production receiving the football. Hunt caught 37 of 44 targets for 285 yards and a touchdown.

In 2020 Hunt will have the same positives as Nick Chubb, better offensive line and a run first head coach. Hunt also gets the advantage of being the primary pass catching back. Since week 10 Chubb never had more then 4 targets in a game. In the final 8 games Chubb had three games with only one target.

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Hunt had a career low in yards per attempt in 2019, this is bound to go up. Plus, adding in his potential pass catching upside, in any type of ppr league Hunt will be a great pick.


Should you draft either player?

It is still early in the 2020 fantasy football redraft season but the current average draft position for Nick Chubb is the 2.02. Making him the 9th running back off the board. Kareem Hunt’s ADP is 6.12, making him the 27th running back off the board.


At their current ADP’s pulling the trigger on Hunt is much easier. He is being drafted behind where he will likely finish causing him to be a good investment. Chubb on the other hand is a player a fantasy owner will have to spend high draft capital on and potentially could be their running back one. If a team decided to double-dip and take two running backs at the back of the first and start of the second round, Nick Chubb would be a solid pick. Leaning on Chubb as the running back one on your team could be very frustrating as you would watch Hunt take most of the passing work, and steal the occasional touchdown.

At the time of writing this article, Hunt is the value pick and in drafts would be the player we recommend you pick up. He is someone primed to be a draft day bargain and should finish much higher then where he is drafted from.

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