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Black Lives Matter: Interview with Codey Cole


In this interview we we sit down with Codey Cole to discuss the current Black Lives Matter movement and how everyone can help put an end to Racism. Codey Cole is a former standout college football defensive playmaker with Kansas, currently an NFL free agent. We do not know how Codey is still unsigned, but we do know if given the chance he will capitalize. Codey is a great player on the field, but even a better man & character off the field.


After the recent tragic events regarding the tragic death of George Floyd, Codey was quick to action. He has always been a big advocate for the movement, but he is inspiring many others at a rapid pace. Codey is using both social media platforms, and peaceful protests to help spread the message of black lives matter.

Time Skew is very lucky to have Codey on, again just an incredible guy who has inspired many of us here. We stand with Codey along with the Black Lives Matter movement, & we respectfully send our condolences to the families of George Floyd and David Dorn who were lost tragically in the past 11 days.

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