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Behind the Face Mask: Arizona Cardinals Social Media

Welcome to your Cardinals social media primer

There are many levels to being a sports fan. You can be a casual fan who dives into sports when the social setting is appropriate. You can say you’re a fan of a team just for the inclusion, but not worry too much about the constant churn of an NFL team. On the other hand, you can be a die-hard fan who is legitimately invested in your backup running back’s new puppy (Deuce is very nice). Any fandom level is acceptable. This article rounds up the Arizona Cardinals social media profiles for those who want to feel a little more connected to the team. Welcome to your behind the face mask primer. Let’s start with the offense.


Kyler Murray

Age: 22 – Hometown: Allen, TX – College: Texas A&M/Oklahoma

Mr. Murray LOVES video games (follow his twitch stream here). You will see him interact with Marquise Brown a lot as they were college teammates and still very good friends. Although you’ll see him interact daily on social media, he really doesn’t show that much off about what’s going on. He’s as reserved online as he is in real life. A video came out recently of him vacuuming the gym he uses after his 5:30am workout, so that’s nice.


Running back

Kenyan Drake

Age: 26 – Hometown: Powder Springs, GA – College: Alabama

On social media Kenyan comes off as a very genuine nice dude. He and Kyler have a clear friendship as they’re messing around with each other pretty often. Also a big video game guy (he has a YouTube channel and a Twitch channel).

Chase Edmonds

Age: 24 – Hometown: Harrisburg, PA – College: Fordham

Chase is included here because him and Kyler get along very well and show up in each others posts pretty often. He’s also part of the video game collective we seem to have in the backfield (his twitch channel). He plays with Tarik Cohen a lot which is an interesting friendship. Chase also has a daughter who was born his freshman year of college.


Wide Receivers

Larry Fitzgerald

Age: 36 – Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota – College: Pitt

Larry uses his social media following generally to promote the causes he believes in and his charity work. He also has a poorly maintained website that seems like it hasn’t been updated in a year. There is a lot of his past work on there, especially the work with his foundation, the Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund. His charity focuses on many youth programs as well as reading proficiency and technology access for grades K-12. It also helps efforts towards breast cancer prevention and helping breast cancer survivors (his mother famously died of breast cancer when he was still in college, he’s said he dedicated his long hair to her).


Larry’s personal life hasn’t been as smooth as his on-field product. He has 2 boys, Devine and Apollo, one he had very early in his career in which the relationship with the mom didn’t end well. The other he had about 10 years later with his girlfriend at the time, for the most part they’ve been able to stay amicable but it seems like they also split for good last year. His personal situation has never been very clear. He currently lives with at least his older son. He also bought a minority stake in the Phoenix Suns this year making him the second player in the NFL to do that with an NBA team (Aaron Rodgers being the first).

DeAndre Hopkins

Age: 27 – Hometown: Clemson, SC – College: Clemson

The newest wideout for the team is big on Instagram. He’s already the one of the faces of the Cardinals social media, as he’s appeared in numerous campaigns wearing red and white. He goes live often and posts a lot of his workout videos to social media. He was raised by a single mother, who when DeAndre was 10, was attacked by her husband’s mistress and blinded from the incident. Absolutely wild story. She now sits in the front row of all of his games and he gives her all his touchdown balls. He has at least 1 child, but has kept those details of his life pretty private. DeAndre is well connected in the league spending a lot of his social media efforts praising his fellow players.

Christian Kirk

Age: 23 – Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ – College: Texas A&M

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A post shared by Christian Kirk (@ckirk) on

Christian, like his backfield friends, is also big into video games (his twitch channel). He’s also a very soft spoken person online. This chill vibe is really becoming a trend of the team. With Christian, there really isn’t much that he puts out there! This team seems to be on their best behaviour.


Tight End’s

Maxx Williams

Ol’ country boy has no Instagram, but he retweets periodically so he’s out there. Fun fact: his father and grandfather both played in the NFL.


Offensive Line

DJ Humphries

Age: 23 – Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ – College: Texas A&M

He got married this offseason! DJ is a very extroverted with his teammates and is clearly enjoying his time on this roster. He recently cleared out all his Instagram, no apparent reason. DJ has working out hard this offseason, he’s been training at OLP (Offensive Line Performance) which is an offensive lineman specific training center based in AZ.

Justin Pugh

Age: 29 – Hometown: Holland, PA – College: Syracuse

Justin has a lot of stuff going on in his life. Justin has been very approachable with fans and media in his stint here. He works out at the same complex as DJ does. He’s more of a Twitter guy. He has a long-time girlfriend and is also a big golfer.

Mason Cole

Age: 24 – Hometown: Chicago, IL – College: Michigan

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My valentine and soon to be wife 😍

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Mason also got married this offseason. As with many of his O-line compatriots he does not share much about his personal life. A lot of his interactions on Twitter have to do with promoting his Alma mater, Michigan University.

JR Sweezy

Age: 31 – Hometown: Mooresville, NC – College: North Carolina State

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My world

A post shared by J.R. Sweezy (@jr_sweezy) on

Similarly, the Sweeze is a classic offensive lineman, no twitter and has only 5 Instagram posts. His wife posts most often (you can follow he here). He’s married with 3 children.

Marcus Gilbert

Age: 32 – Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL – College: Florida

Marcus may or may not be starting at RT this year, that was the plan last summer heading into the season. He came here on a 1 year deal last offseason and re-upped the same (albeit cheaper) prove it contract. That shows he really likes what’s going on here. He has 1 child and is currently in a relationship with Madison Gesiotto, who is an attorney and conservative commentator among other ventures.

Josh Jones

Age: 23 – Hometown: Richmond, TX – College: Houston

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I’m From Out South We Make It Look Easy 💎

A post shared by Josh Jones (@joshuataylorjones_) on

See what we graded Josh and the other Cardinals rookies

Josh will likely start for this team sooner than later. If you want to know more about our new prospect, there’s lots of interviews with the rookies on the Cards social media pages. Josh is a big movie buff, Denzel Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio are his 2 favorite actors. He doesn’t seem to have gotten a place in AZ just yet.

courtesy of the Arizona Cardinals

Hopefully you learned something from our Arizona Cardinals social media tour. Stay tuned in the next couple weeks as we go over the rest of the roster.

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