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Spencer Rattler: Oklahoma’s next star QB


Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts. Three very recognizable names from the past three drafts. Three stars that plied their trade at Oklahoma and are now big names in the NFL.

Both Mayfield and Murray won the Heisman trophy in their respective final seasons. Hurts quickly set himself as the Heisman Trophy front-runner last year, until a little someone named Joe Burrow stopped by.

Mayfield and Murray both went first overall in the 2018 and 2019 drafts respectively. Jalen Hurts was discussed as a potential first-round pick, but ended up being selected 53rd overall in the 2020 draft. Mayfield and Murray have plenty of potential, both entrenched as the starting quarterbacks on their teams, while Hurts finds himself in a unique situation in Philadelphia.

However, the college production line never stops, and Oklahoma is already on to the next QB prodigy, one who may surpass all previously mentioned players. The 2019 #1 pro-style quarterback; Spencer Rattler.


Who is Spencer Rattler?

Image Credits: AZ Big Media

Rattler was a 5-star player out of Pinnacle High School in Arizona. He was the number one ranked player in Arizona and the number one pro-style QB of his class. Nationally, he was the 11th highest-ranked recruit with offers from Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, and Colorado.


However, Rattler ultimately committed to Oklahoma; a school that has just pumped out two first overall picks at QB and chose to sit behind Jalen Hurts in his freshman season. Rattler made a few appearances throughout the season towards the end of the games.

You may know Rattler from the Netflix show “QB1: Under the Lights“, which chronicles three of the best high-school quarterbacks in America. Spencer Rattler was a star on the show, displaying his impressive delivery and pinpoint accuracy.

Rattler is the only 5-star QB coming out of the 2019 class and is ready to take over the reins in Norman, Oklahoma.

Scouting report

Image Credits: The Norman Transcript

According to Westgate Superbooks, Spencer Rattler is currently at 12/1 odds to win the Heisman Trophy. His odds sit behind the two biggest names in college football, Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. Rattler has yet to make his first start but is already garnering lots of attention from local and national media.


As someone who isn’t draft eligible until next year, Rattler doesn’t need to come out and win the Heisman to meet expectations for the Sooners. He will likely continue to grow into his own as a leader and quarterback in a Heisman race that is going to come down to Fields and Lawrence. However, if he can finish as a nominee, then that will be very impressive.

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Strengths and weaknesses

Rattler’s skill set is exceptional.

As mentioned earlier, his best traits are his delivery and accuracy. Rattler gets the ball to his teammates on-time and on-point. He also demonstrates great pocket awareness; knowing when to scramble, throw it away or make a play.

Don’t doubt his mobility either. Rattler can get out of the pocket and make a lot of plays with his legs. His arm strength isn’t exceptional, but certainly above average and he is more than capable of making the necessary throws. At 6’1″, 198 pounds, Rattler is on the smaller size for a QB, but this isn’t too much of a concern with his age and potential for improvement.

Rattler appears to be set as Oklahoma’s starting signal caller for the next two seasons. He’s someone that will be discussed as a top pick in the 2022 NFL Draft if he lives up to his expectations.


The supporting cast

Image Credits: Sooner Sports

Offensive Line

Oklahoma has been known as a perennial offensive juggernaut. Led by Rattler, the 2020 Sooners are loaded up with talent. Of course, success in the trenches is going to be huge for Rattler in his first year. Anchored by center Creed Humphrey; who expects to be a first-rounder in 2021, Oklahoma’s offensive line will be one of the best in the nation.


Aside from Rattler, Oklahoma’s top playmaker will be Kennedy Brooks. Brooks gained a lot of steam in the latter half of 2019. He finished the season with 1011 yards, six touchdowns on 155 carries (6.5 YPC). Brooks will likely be Oklahoma’s workhorse back in 2020 as he looks to show NFL scouts what he is capable of. He will be a fantastic complimentary piece to Rattler.

The pass-catchers for Oklahoma are not as good as they have been in recent memory. Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Jalen Hurts had combinations of Marquise Brown and CeeDee Lamb. In 2020, Rattler has no standout target… yet.

Fresh(man) Faces

Jadon Haselwood was the fourth ranked player in the 2019 class. Unlike the speedy Brown and Lamb, Haselwood is a pure physical beast, akin to Julio Jones or Amari Cooper. With the WR spots up for grabs, Haselwood may be able to carve out a starting role in his second season. Being able to build that chemistry will help Oklahoma’s offense be dominant for at least the next two seasons and help Rattler succeed.


There’s another WR from the 2019 class that may make his mark. Theo Wease is another physical player who, along with Haselwood, can help form a dominant WR corps that has the ability to terrorize the red-zone and feast on smaller defensive backs.

Overall, Oklahoma is certainly looking like it will be dominant once again in 2020, despite many new faces being brought to the spotlight. With this great supporting cast and his huge potential, it’s no wonder Rattler is in the Heisman race already.

Pro comparison

Image Credits: Variety

Looking at height, weight, and skill sets, Rattler’s pro comparison is one of the best pocket passing QBs ever; Drew Brees. The main difference is that Rattler can use his legs more efficiently, as he is more athletic. Rattler’s throwing mechanics have also been compared to Patrick Mahomes. In an understandable but less flattering comparison is to a much better version of Chad Kelly.

The Brees comparison fits most as Rattler’s elite pocket awareness and accuracy are his main weapons. Brees is one of the most accurate QBs of all time and was a master at controlling the pocket. Rattler’s arm strength doesn’t quite compare to Mahomes, but is better than Brees could throw in his heyday. If Rattler continues to build off his excellent delivery, accuracy, and pocket awareness, he could become this generation’s Drew Brees.


Image Credits: The Athletic

The next two years in Norman will be extremely fun to watch. With fresh new faces all over the team, Rattler will begin his era of dominance over College Football. Coming in with an exceptional skill set and insane potential, Rattler will have to focus on building chemistry with his teammates and adapting to college-level defenses as he continues his path to the NFL.

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