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The five best bets for week two of the NFL season


With week two of the NFL season upon us, it’s time to unleash the inner risk taker inside. Maybe you were taking it easy week one, maybe you realized that just watching isn’t enough to excite you anymore? It doesn’t matter. Let’s make some bets. All odds are from the DraftKings Sportsbook. 

Jaguars +8

Image Credit- CNBC

In week one, Gardner Minshew and the Jaguars shocked the football world by taking down a tough divisional opponent in the Colts. Minshew played incredibly efficiently in his first 2020 outing, completing 19 of his 20 passes for 173 yards and three touchdowns, and no interceptions to boot. The Jags have something special in Minshew, and he clearly won’t let them tank for the first overall pick like many people thought they would. 

The Titans started off their season with a 16-14 victory over the Broncos. While they did win the game, the Titans looked sloppy to start their season. They struggled to get Derrick Henry going, and Tannehill threw a few risky passes that luckily turned their way. With a pair of talented young edge rushers in K’lavon Chaisson and Josh Allen, the Jags will get to Tannehill early and often, keeping the game well within eight points, and maybe even pulling off the upset. 

Saints -5.5 

The Raiders started off the year winning a shootout with the Panthers. Although they came out with a victory, the defense looked rough and the Panthers aren’t exactly world beaters. Drew Brees and the Saints offense had a lackluster outing against a really solid defense in the Buccaneers, and still scored 27 points, with one defensive score. If Teddy Bridgewater and the Panthers, with a first time offensive coordinator, can drop 30 points on this Raiders team, the Saints are capable of scoring much more. Under the lights on Monday Night Football it’s a safe bet to take Brees and the Saints to win and cover the spread. 


Football Team/Cardinals under 46.5

Image Credit- Inside Hook

One of the biggest upsets of week one was the Eagles dropping one to the Washington Football Team. Two things about WFT became clear in that game. First, the WFT’s front seven is dominant. They racked up eight sacks against the Eagles on Sunday. Second, their offense is still bad. Washington did virtually nothing to replace Ereck Flowers and Trent Williams in the offseason. Consequently, Dwayne Haskins was constantly under pressure and the running game had nowhere to go.

Kyler Murray will be running for his life on Sunday and Kenyan Drake will be running right into a brick wall. This game will likely end looking something like 20-13 with the Cardinals winning. 

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Vikings +3 

The Vikings are looking to bounce back after getting trounced by the Packers in week one. Mike Zimmer and Gary Kubiak will both coach much better games than they did last week. Facing a much less potent offense in the Phillip Rivers led Colts, they won’t be allowing 43 points this week.

The Colts looked awful in week one. Rivers looked just like he did last year; old. His arm is shot and he can’t lead a high powered offense at this point in his career. The Vikings have a good chance pulling off the upset here, but why not take the three points if they’re giving it to you, right? 

Bills/Dolphins under 41

After pounding on the lowly Jets in week one, the Bills are looking pretty good in the eyes of the public. However, I am still not sold on Josh Allen. He finally hit 300 passing yards in a game, but he needed 46 passing attempts to do so. His yards per attempt was a measly 6.78. His average depth of target was 6.1, meaning he took less deep shots than he did in the last two years.

The Dolphins defense matches up very well with the Bills offense. The secondary is quietly one of the best in the league. Consequently, Josh Allen will have a rough day through the air, resulting in most of their offense going through the run game. In addition to that, the dolphins still have a bad offense and won’t have a breakout game against a top five defense with Devante Parker fighting a hamstring injury. Hammer the under. 

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Low risk high reward Parlay

Odds: +1,098

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -375 for Game

Atlanta Falcons +185 for Game

San Francisco 49ers -295 for Game

Minnesota Vikings +148 for Game

Every week I like to put together a few teams in a parlay. I like a healthy mix of heavy favorites, and underdogs that could pull off an upset. I recommend you risk a lower amount than you would on a usual bet. For example, let’s say for a normal bet, like any of the five we talked about earlier, you wager 5% of your bankroll. If you are new to sports gambling, your bankroll is the amount of money you have available to wager deposited in your sportsbook. So if you have one thousand dollars for your bankroll, a normal bet would be 50 dollars. For a parlay I would suggest two or three percent. Parlay’s are more for fun than they are a legitimate way to make money. Mainly because it’s so hard to make multiple correct picks at a time. 


This week, I see the Bucs and the 49ers as virtual locks to win their games. The Falcons and the Vikings are both underdogs that could potentially pull off the upset. The Falcons are always capable of putting up 30+ points, which means they can beat almost anyone. Against a so-so Cowboys team that lost the leader of their defense to injury in week one, the Falcons have a good shot at winning. Similarly, the Vikings are going up against a lackluster looking Colts team, and should bounce back with Sunday at noon Kirk Cousins handling the reigns.

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