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Nick Foles brings a new identity to the Chicago Bears


The Chicago Bears made a QB switch from Mitchell Trubisky to Nick Foles and somehow remain undefeated going into week four.

Fans haven’t had to suffer a tough loss, nor call for Trubisky’s head for Foles to take over. Prior to Sunday, no team in NFL history has won two games in a season where they trailed by 16+ entering the fourth quarter. The Chicago Bears have now done it twice in three weeks.

While every game thus far into the season has come down to the wire, hopefully Nick Foles can help leave some hearts at rest in coming weeks.

PC: Nam Y. Huh/AP

What changed after the substitution?

In my article “What can Nick Foles do the Mitchell Trubisky can’t?” I went over the elements of Nick Foles’ game that Trubisky just doesn’t possess. It clearly showed this Sunday. The main three I’d like to focus on are accuracy, pocket presence, and processing the field.


Almost every pass that Foles made against the Falcons was on the money. He practically threw five dime touchdown passes in 20 minutes of football (although two were overturned). A perfect display of precision was on fourth & 6 from their own 42-yard line.

With 8:23 left in the fourth quarter, Foles weaved the ball in between two Falcons defenders to hit Ted Ginn Jr’s outside shoulder. The clutch 29-yard play kept the drive alive and ended with points on the board.


Pocket presence

One of the biggest knocks on Trubisky was how antsy he’d get in the pocket. As soon as there was a hint of pressure, Mitch would get flustered and roll out or make a bad decision.

When Foles came in, it was just night and day. A perfect example was his game winning touchdown pass to Anthony Miller. As the ball is snapped, Falcons rookie LB Mykal Walker immediately got pressure on Foles. The quarterback stayed composed, and let the ball fly as he took the hit. This game winning pass is something that likely wouldn’t have happened with Trubisky on the field.

PC: Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Processing the field

Having a quarterback who can read a defense feels like something Chicago hasn’t had in a long, long time. A testament to the ability Foles has in this aspect is the trust Nagy has in him. After the game, Foles said Nagy told him “if you see something, go with it.” This has to be the biggest game changer between the two QB’s. Foles is a veteran who Nagy can place his faith in. Foles was calling audibles, changing and killing plays pre-snap. When a head coach can have complete trust in a quarterback it opens up so many new elements to an offense. More plays can be ran, we can take riskier shots downfield, and keep defenses on their toes.


What to look for in following weeks

Now that teams have some tape, and some time to prepare for Foles, a series of trials awaits. Week four against the Colts will be a huge test, as they’re one of the best defenses in the league so far. If Foles and the Bears offense can play a good game against them, fans should be feeling confident moving forward.

Hopefully Foles’ magic hasn’t worn off and he consistently looks like the field general he was last Sunday.

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