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The five best bets for week four of the NFL season


Last week was one hell of a rebound with a full sweep on our picks! Time to keep the ball rolling this week. Let’s make some bets people.

All odds are from the DraftKings Sportsbook.

Week three picks.

Season Record: 7-3

Vikings ML

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Three weeks through the NFL season, who would have thought two playoff teams from last year would meet at 0-3. The Texans through three weeks have played the hardest schedule of any other team by a large margin. They had to play the Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers. On the other hand, the Vikings don’t have the same excuse. They have had plenty of opportunities to win at least one game this season. This week they put a stop to that. Kirk Cousins will break out with the full power of the noon game Kirk Cousins. The Texans will fall victim to their own coaching staff and be outplayed by the Vikings. This is one of the nicer bets with underdog odds to boot.

See how the Ravens did last week Here!

Ravens -13.5

After a disappointing loss on MNF last week, the Ravens get off easy this week in a matchup against the Washington Football Team. The WFT has looked terrible ever since their upset win against the Eagles in week one. Their offense is awful, and now this week they are without Chase Young. The Ravens have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL on both sides of the ball. The smart money says they will run all over this WFT defense without Matt Ioannidis and Chase Young. 14 points is a lot, but the Ravens are more than capable of covering against this team. One of the safer bets of the weekend.

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Bills -3

I will be the first to admit, Josh Allen has proved me wrong. Through the first three weeks of the season, Allen is playing like an MVP candidate. His leap from last year to how he is playing now in terms of decision making and accuracy, specifically on the deep ball, is outstanding. The Bills offense is firing on all cylinders and will slash right through the Raiders’ porous defense. The Raiders offense on the other hand has a difficult matchup against the Bills’ defense. The Bills have an easy time covering three points here.

Falcons/Packers over 56.5

You might think that taking the over when it’s set so high is a little risky, but you would be surprised. The Packers are averaging 40.6 points per game through the first three weeks of the season. Conversely, the Packers defense is allowing an average of 28.3 (lol Falcons) points per game. On the other side of the matchup, the Falcons are averaging 30 points per game on offense, while allowing an average of 36 points per game on defense. Any combination of those averages clears the 56.5 point total. The Falcons are likely to have Julio Jones back and the Packers the same with Davante Adams. Hammer this as one of the riskier but rewarding bets.

Falcons team total over 23.5

Like I mentioned above, the Falcons are averaging 30 points per game on offense. Likely to be losing early and often, the Falcons are going to be chucking the ball down the field more than usual. They also get Julio Jones back on the field this week. Matt Ryan is still playing like a top tier quarterback. With the Packers allowing an average of 28 points per game, the Falcons are very likely to hit 24 points. This is another of the safer bets of the slate.

Low risk high reward Parlay

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Record: 0-2

Bears ML
Saints ML
Cardinals ML
Seahawks ML
Ravens ML
Rams ML
Chiefs ML
Parlay odds: +1150

The underdog in this week’s parlay is the Chicago Bears. Moreover, with Nick Foles in the lineup now, they can actually score some points and beat the Colts. Also, the Saints and the Cardinals should be able to pull off wins this week. In addition to that, the Seahawks, Ravens, and Rams are heavy favorites and are about as guaranteed as a win can get. The Chiefs have a matchup against the Patriots that they almost certainly will win. All we need is one underdog to win for this bet to cash.

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