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Carolina Panthers key players for week six


The Carolina Panthers will face off against the Chicago Bears in week six. The Panthers are coming off of divisional win against the Atlanta Falcons for their third win in a row. The Bears have started hot this season with a 4-1 record, beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week on Thursday Night Football. While the Bears are 4-1, this is a winnable game for the Panthers. Here are some players who will be key if the Panthers are to win.

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Rasul Douglas

Carolina Panthers CB Rasul Douglas makes play on the ball against the Raiders
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The Panthers starting cornerback Rasul Douglas was picked up off waivers right before the season began after being cut by the Philadelphia Eagles. Douglas has been playing very well against bigger wide receivers. He’s already played against players like Keenan Allen, Deandre Hopkins, Mike Evans and Calvin Ridley. Hopkins was practically nonexistent while other wide receivers had great games while being moved around in formations. Douglas will have the assignment of Allen Robinson, who has big play ability from anywhere on the field. If Douglas can hold Robinson below his average, this will take away their biggest offensive threat.

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Jeremy Chinn


Jeremy Chinn is the Panthers standout rookie, playing a hybrid strong safety-linebacker position. Through the first five weeks, Chinn has been flying around the field making tackles and always seems to be around the ball. With the resurgence of Jimmy Graham, Jeremy Chinn is the most capable Panther to guard him throughout the game. Graham already has four touchdowns through the first five games this season, giving another big target for jump ball passes for Nick Foles. While a rookie will already have a hard time handling a veteran player like Graham, Chinn is very much also outsized. It will be a team effort on defense to stop Graham. However, expect Chinn to take on main responsibility with his amazing athletic abilities.

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Taylor Moton

Carolina Panthers RT Taylor Moton runs out of the tunnel before the game
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Taylor Moton will have the matchup this week against one of the best edge rushers in the NFL. The offensive line has played great the past two weeks, not giving up any sacks. The Bears defense, meanwhile, is coming off a game where they were able to sack Tom Brady several times. Moton is capable of not allowing any sacks from Khalil Mack. Looking back against the Los Angeles Chargers, Moton did not give up a single pressure against Joey Bosa and the Chargers defense. Stopping Mack from disrupting the offense will be a gigantic piece of the Panthers success this week.

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Final Score: Carolina Panthers-24 Chicago Bears-10

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