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The five best bets for week eight of the NFL season


It’s time for week eight of the NFL season, which means it’s time to make some bets. Let’s do this. All odds are from DraftKings Sportsbook.

Last week’s picks.

Season Record: 18-12

Jets/Chiefs under 49


This week kicks off with probably the most lopsided matchup of the year. The Jets, the definitive worst team in the league, will face off against the reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. 49 is not that many points especially considering the high scoring nature of the league this year. However, for the point total to surpass 49, the Chiefs will likely have to score 40 points. I just don’t see them running up the score on the poultry Jets. The Chiefs will likely run the ball 40+ times similar to their game against Buffalo

Colts/Lions under 50

The total for this game is puzzling to me. The Lions offense hasn’t been high flying like we are used to in the Stafford era. Similarly, the Colts offense under Phillip Rivers has been a huge disappointment.  Both teams are averaging 26 points per game this season. The Colts however will be the best defense the Lions have faced since Chicago in week one by a long shot. The Colts will control the ball through the run game and the total is more likely to end up around 45. 

Steelers +4


The Ravens and the Steelers are sure to be one of the best matchups this week. The Ravens have not impressed me so far this year. The offense isn’t as explosive as it was last year, especially in the passing game. They match up pretty poorly against the Steelers. Pittsburgh’s monstrous front seven is second only to the Bucs in run defense. The Ravens have never come back from a double-digit deficit in the Lamar Jackson era. If they can’t play with a lead, they struggle massively. I think the Steelers win this one, but why not take the free points?

Check out how week seven went for the Steelers Here!

Raiders ML (+125)

The Raiders, now two weeks removed from a covid scare, are still a good team. They played the hottest team in the league last week without any practice all week for their offensive line. The Browns are the quintessential bad good team. They beat up on worse teams but get beaten up on by better teams. Make no mistake, the Raiders are a good team. Derek Carr is good enough and the defense has made big strides this year. The Browns are seemingly incapable of winning a game when they can’t dominate the run game. Baker Mayfield is incapable of reading a defense from a clean pocket, and will ultimately be their downfall. 

Packers -6

Image Credit- Tampa Bay Times

The Packers have been an absolute buzz saw so far this season. Aside from the Buccaneers game of course. The Packers in week one dropped 43 points on the Vikings, beating them by 19 points. Also, The Vikings are just a bad team. The defense sucks and the offense only scores in garbage time. Six points is very generous in the Vikings favor. The Packers have been blowing everyone and their mother out. Again, the Bucs game notwithstanding, hammer the Packers and thank me later. 

Low risk high reward parlay

image credit- Clipartmax

Record 0-7

This Week’s odds: +1200

Colts ML

Packers ML

Bills ML

Titans ML

Steelers ML

This is perhaps my favorite parlay that we have attempted this year. Four teams that should win their games easily, and one underdog. In addition to that, the Steelers should be favorites in this game and getting their ML at +180 in a parlay is amazing value. I am excited to watch this one play out on Sunday.

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