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The five best bets of week 10 of the NFL season


Last week was one of our first weeks in the negative in a while. Time to bounce back big. Let’s make some bets. All odds are from the DraftKings Sportsbook

Last week’s picks

Season Record: 23-17

Seahawks ML

Image Credit- The Seattle Times

Coming off a disappointing blowout loss to the Bills, the Seahawks will be out for blood this week. With the money line odds slightly better than even money, this bet has great value. You need a lot of balls to bet on Russell Wilson losing two weeks in a row. The Seahawks defense should have its best outing yet this week. Unlike their pass defense, the Seahawks run defense is pretty stout. This game will be all on Jared Goff and his ability to perform well under pressure. That doesn’t bode well for the Rams. Jared Goff has a passer rating under 40 when being pressured this year. The Seahawks win this one. 

Dolphins -1.5

The Dolphins are red hot coming off a late victory against the Cardinals last week. This week they get to take on the offensive rookie of the year front runner in Justin Herbert. The Chargers are going to be without star pass rusher Joey Bosa, which was one of the big reasons they let the Broncos make a fourth-quarter comeback a few weeks ago. Going up against one of the best defenses in the league, Justin Herbert will struggle for the first time this year. Even if he doesn’t, the Chargers always have a way of losing games. Two points is an easy cover for the better-coached team in this matchup. 

Ravens -7


Don’t let their win over the Jets dissuade you, the Patriots suck. They lose to bad teams, and almost lost to the freakin Jets. Consequently, the Ravens should steamroll the Patriots here. The Ravens, despite some narratives floating around, are still one of the best teams in the NFL. They have an offense that has scored over 20 points for 31 consecutive games. Moreover, the defense is getting back multiple players that were on the covid list like Marlon Humphrey. This game will probably be a double-digit blowout. 

Broncos/Raiders over 50.5

Going into this matchup, the Broncos have ushered into a new era of offense. They graduated from not being able to score a lot of points at all, to only scoring a lot of points in garbage time. We know that the Raiders can score points as well as anyone else in the league, but the real question for the over here is Denver. Their first game in the Raiders’ new stadium should be a high scoring one. The Raiders defense is 30th in DVOA. The Raiders will probably jump out to an early lead, leading to plenty of points for the Broncos in a hurry-up offense where Drew Lock thrives. With no weather conditions to impact the scoring, the over is a good bet here. 

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Packers/Jaguars over 49.5

This is a matchup where I legitimately think the Packers might break the over themselves. This Jaguars defense is historically bad, and the Packers offense is, well, the Packers offense. Aaron Rodgers is firing on all cylinders right now, and finally has Davante Adams and Aaron Jones healthy. The Jaguars probably only need to score 10 or 13 points to help this over cash. In addition to that, the Packers defense is pretty susceptible to the run game, which is where James Robinson and the Jaguars thrive. Not to mention DJ Chark to help in the passing game, I am sure they can score a touchdown or two. Hammering the over in this matchup. 

Low Risk High Reward Parlay

Record 0-8

This weeks Odds: +466

Broncos ML

Seahawks ML

Just two underdogs in this week’s parlay. The Seahawks I made a case for winning up above. The Broncos might be a little surprising though. This pick is purely based on knowing how the Broncos/Raiders rivalry has gone for the past 20 years. That is to say, the Broncos usually find a way to handle them. If Drew Lock has a good game, the Broncos could easily win this game. Let’s see how it goes. 

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