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Desperation deep dives for week 12


We’re all feeling the strain in the back end of the 2020 fantasy season. Injuries have piled up, the Covid/reserve list has been a weekly concern and most of the consensus top ten fantasy picks this year have either been lost to injury or bottomed out. Never fear. I’m here to crunch the numbers, check the opportunity, and on occasion, turn on the weather forecast to help you and your fantasy team pluck the deep dives from the waiver wire in week 12.

Running back

Devontae Booker – Las Vegas Raiders


We get it Raiders. You like to run the ball. Josh Jacobs is the obvious beneficiary of this, but we’re here for the deep dives. Look no further than the forgotten handcuff, Booker.

There aren’t many carries to go around after Jacobs gobbles up his 20+ a game, but Booker managed to tote the ball for 149 rushing yards and three TD’s on just 24 carries in week nine and ten – good for 12.8 and 21.3 points. The Raiders leaned on Carr and his receivers to keep pace with the Chiefs, but there’s no reason they won’t return to the run-heavy offense that has kept them moving through 2020.

Booker has a low floor, but he makes the most of his limited snaps behind a dominant line and should be good for 40-50 yards and a possible TD over the next few weeks. You could do worse.

Wide receiver

Cam Sims – Washington Football Team

Image credit: Riggo’s Rag

Opportunity is king in these parts, and Cam Sims has been making the most of his in Washington. He’s currently listed as the starter opposite Terry McLaurin and has seen 75% or more of the snaps in the offense for the last four games.

The 6’5″ receiver exploded in week nine for 110 yards on just three catches and 14 points. Since then he’s only racked up 74 yards on six targets in two games, picking up 9.4 and 4 fantasy points in the process. He’s super efficient when he is targeted, and with Alex Smith opening up a usually vanilla offense, there’s every chance the second year pro could keep up this form and become a deep dives gem.

Tight end

Gerald Everett – Los Angeles Rams

Image credit – Boston Herald

The tight end landscape has been a barren one this year, with players emerging and bottoming out from one week to the next. Besides the top few options, it’s been a crapshoot.

Here’s where passing volume plays a key part of deep diving. Everett is consistently featured in a positively trending Rams passing attack, hitting over a 50% snap count in six of his last seven contests. He averages a solid five targets a game and secures a high percentage of these targets. Yes, the yardage is low, but in this case, you’re taking a gamble on these targets eventually adding up to a decent yardage total. His fantasy output is actually pretty good due to these targets – 13/5.7/12.8/8.2/4.7 and 6.7 over the middle of the season.

With the peaks and troughs of the position tanking many fantasy teams this year, Everett is a safe floor play with game-winning potential if he grabs a TD. He is available in 90% of leagues platform-wide, so grab him if you’re desperate. Which you are, because you’re reading this article.

Week 12 wildcard

Malcolm Perry – QB/RB/WR – Miami Dolphins

After the week 11 debacle with Taysom Hill and the “TE debate,” it feels a bit trite to add more fuel to that fire. But what the hell. If you are in a deep league, then grab the rookie out of Navy.

Perry was on the field for 79% of the offensive snaps in week 11, a massive jump from the slowly creeping percentage of previous weeks. Perry is a dual-threat, racking up 2017 rushing yards and 21 TD’s from QB in his final year in college. However, the Dolphins are using Perry exclusively in the slot, where he snagged three catches on five targets against Denver. The last two games Perry notched 4.7 and 5.3 points in standard PPR leagues, not the world’s worst floor if you’re desperate.

With Perry securing a more consistent role in the offense, it’s likely he will continue to get these targets with the Dolphins receiver corps proving to be shallow behind WR1 Devante Parker. He’s only rostered in around 2% of leagues platform-wide, so should be available if you want to risk it for a biscuit.


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