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Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks


This week we look to the top 12 projected quarterbacks for the Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings.

1.     Russell Wilson

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Opponent: New York Jets

Projected Points: 23.8

This is a matchup based ranking, no doubt. Russell Wilson was the front runner for MVP in the first half of the season, and is the fourth highest producing quarterback in fantasy points. However, Russell has slipped significantly having more turnovers than touchdowns in the last four games, and has not come close to 30 fantasy points since Week 8 against the San Francisco 49’ers.

However, Russell Wilson is still an elite quarterback playing the worst defense in football.

The New York Jets defense ranks 30th in points allowed to quarterbacks across 2020, and 32nd in the last four weeks. Seattle is in the midst of a playoff hunt with a poor defense, and the Jets are coming off a near upset of the Las Vegas Raiders. Passing will be a key component for the Seattle Seahawks, and Russell has the ability to break off rushing yards or rushing touchdowns at any moment.

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2.     Aaron Rodgers

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Opponent: Detroit Lions

Projected Points: 22.5

Aaron Rodgers has been the most consistent quarterback for fantasy production having only put up less than 20 points in Week 2 (19.1) and Week 6 (3.8). Last week he battled a tough Philadelphia Eagles defense handing fantasy owners 23.5 points.

This week he matches up against a weaker defense with the Detroit Lions.

The Lions rank 23rd in the NFL for fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers has the ability to light up elite defenses, and has proven in 2020 that he may be the best quarterback in football. A sure fire win in Week 14 will again give Aaron Rodgers a better than good chance of significantly adding to his season total 282.90 fantasy points.

3.     Patrick Mahomes

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Opponent: Miami Dolphins

Projected Points: 21.9

Patrick Mahomes leads the NFL in fantasy points for quarterbacks with 310.70, and has only produced less than 20 points twice. Once in Week 7 against the Denver Broncos, and the second being last week with 19.32 points. However, the incomplete-complete touchdown pass took points off the board for the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes fantasy owners. I don’t expect that to happen again, and neither should you.

Mahomes has a tough matchup against the Miami Dolphins in Week 14 who rank 7th in the NFL for points allowed to quarterbacks, and 4th in the last four weeks. Despite how tough the Miami defense is, the Kansas City Chiefs have so many weapons on offense, at some point Mahomes will find a way to beat them and score fantasy points along the way.

4.     Justin Herbert

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Opponent: Atlanta Falcons

Projected Points: 21.5

Yes, the Los Angeles Chargers were, for a lack of better words, destroyed in Week 13. Every aspect of that game failed for the Chargers including the worst game of Justin Herbert’s very short career in which he put up 4.36 fantasy points.

Sometimes it’s best to forget something happened and move on. And for fantasy owners in Week 14, Justin Herbert is this weeks forget it and move on.

The Atlanta Falcons ranked 32nd in the NFL for fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks. Their defense has improved over the last four weeks, but not to the level of being able to contain the surprise breakout rookie Herbert and his offensive weapons. Expect a rebound for Justin Herbert in Week 14.

5.     Ryan Tannehill

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Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars

Projected Points: 21.0

Ryan Tannehill just put up 27.56 points against the Cleveland Browns, and 21.86 points in Week 11 against the stout Baltimore Ravens defense. His season long fantasy production has been very sporadic, but considering the Tennessee Titans are a run first offense, this doesn’t come as too big a shock.

Week 14 lines up a great matchup against a weak Jacksonville Jaguars defense who rank 29th in the NFL for fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks.

Of course Tennessee will rely heavily on their running game, but they also play a more controlled offense to quickly build leads and then hold them. Expect a solid amount of passing throughout this game as long as it doesn’t turn into a quick blow out.

6.     Lamar Jackson

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Opponent: Cleveland Browns

Projected Points: 20.8

Lamar Jackson had a great return week in Week 13 against the lowly Dallas Cowboys with 25.68 points. He faces off against the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football.

The Cleveland Browns rank 25th in the NFL for fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks which bodes well for Lamar, however the Browns also rank 9th in the NFL in fantasy points allowed on the ground.

Lamar Jackson is a prolific runner and a good thrower. His Week 14 fantasy production will hinge on his ability to pass as the Browns defense shuts down the run game.

7.     Deshaun Watson

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Opponent: Chicago Bears

Projected Points: 20.4

Deshaun Watson has a tough matchup against an 11th ranked Chicago Bears who have allowed an average of 17.09 points to quarterbacks in 2020. Will Fuller has been suspended for PED violations which led to a concern that Deshaun’s fantasy production could dip.

But in true Deshaun fashion he put up 19.44 fantasy points against the Indianapolis Colts who rank 3rd in the NFL for fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks at 15.16 points per game. It’s remarkable that Deshaun Watson continues to put up points, but the fact is he does. And he will again in Week 14.

8.     Kyler Murray


Opponent: New York Giants

Projected Points: 20.1

Kyler Murray’s star has faded over the past three weeks putting up 20.26 points in Week 11, 7.9 points in Week 12, and 16.42 points in Week 13.

But Kyler Murray has shown over the course of the 2020 season that he is a fantasy juggernaut. In fact, Kyler was #1 in all fantasy production until last week when he was passed over by Patrick Mahomes. His ability to create plays and points on the ground and in the air make him a top 10 quarterback regardless of the matchup.

In Week 14 he faces off against the New York Giants who have been hot recently and rank 6th for points allowed to quarterbacks. Not an easy matchup, but a player as talented as Murray, he won’t stay down for long.

9.     Tom Brady

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Opponent: Minnesota Vikings

Projected Points: 20.0

Tom Brady gets a good matchup this week against a Minnesota Vikings defense that has allowed an average of 18.07 fantasy points to quarterbacks, good for 15th in the NFL.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been up and down, and Brady’s fantasy production with it. Because of the favorable matchup, that the Buccaneers are coming off a bye week, and that they won’t be playing a Prime Time game this week, Tom Brady should put together a good fantasy week.

10. Josh Allen

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Opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers

Projected Points: 19.7

Josh Allen has been exciting to watch in 2020, and even more exciting for his fantasy owners. Allen faced off against the 14th ranked San Francisco 49’ers in Week 13 putting up 30.1 points. He has another tough matchup against a Pittsburgh Steelers defense that is ranked 1st in the NFL for fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks with 13.59 average points allowed.

However, Pittsburgh just lost their first game to the Washington Football Team, and will be without Bud Dupree. The defense has been hit heavily with injuries in the past few weeks, but can still play tough against most quarterbacks. Fortunately for the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen isn’t most quarterbacks.

11. Taysom Hill

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Opponent: Philadelphia Eagles

Projected Points: 19.1

Taysom Hill has been a headline since his first start at quarterback in Week 11. His production for fantasy owners has been good in these past three weeks, and has a matchup this week against the Philadelphia Eagles who just allowed 23.5 points to Aaron Rodgers.

No, Taysom Hill is not Aaron Rodgers, but Taysom Hill does have a built in advantage in that his scoring production will likely come on the ground – including his touchdowns.

12. Ben Roethlisberger

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Opponent: Buffalo Bills

Projected Points: 18.6

Ben Roethlisberger has not exceeded 20.0 fantasy points in the last three weeks. However, he does have a favorable matchup in Week 14 against the Buffalo Bills who allow an average of 20.17 fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. Big Ben is no longer the elite fantasy quarterback he once was, but he’s playing on a tough 11-1 team who will rely heavily on their passing game.

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