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Co-host and contributor for the Time Skew Podcast.

XFL Power Rankings: Week 2

A week of XFL action has finally passed, so now we kind of have a basis for how the teams can perform and thus can start judging them. Thus here are the team power rankings going into week 2.

What College Produces the Best Fantasy Football Team?

Week 1 of the 2019 college football season is in the books with week 2 just on the horizon and everything so far is pointing towards it being another exciting season of college students spending their Saturdays colliding into one another. Now some of these players will one day get paid for their efforts and play in the NFL. So, naturally I end up asking which school produces the best players which then leads to asking which has the best team which then makes me create rosters on Madden and other football games to find out, but why not find out by measuring their in-game production? Well, I did just that a few years ago when I made a fantasy league of teams made up of players from the same college and this year I decided to bring it back and share it with everyone. Now, how about I give you the rundown on the league, or should I say leagues, I’ve created.

The Most Underrated Quarterback of the Draft

This new stock of rookie quarterbacks looks interesting to say the least. Despite many labelling them as a weak draft class, 4 of the 11 Quarterbacks selected are expected to take up the starting job for their teams. If not right off the bat, then after they gain some wisdom from the veteran on their roster. Those four signal-callers are obviously Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, and Daniel Jones. Though I contend that if there was another rookie quarterback who will make a couple starts for their team, I would have to go with Gardner Minshew.