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What to do about the Eagles neglected Cornerback position?

It’s official, the Philadelphia Eagles stomach- churning roller coaster ride of a season is over! After winning the last four straight do-or-die games, the Eagles limped into the playoffs as the NFC East champions at 9-7. The storylines were booked, Carson Wentz’s first playoff appearance with practice squad wide receivers, the heroic story of Boston Scott and an injury list that spans the length of a football field. And we all know what happened after that, Carson Wentz goes down in the first quarter… and well we won’t relive the rest.

How Drafting Handcuffs can win a Fantasy Football Championship

In this video Pride discuss why he will remember that handcuffs can win the fantasy football championship. Especially at the running back position the backup running back can actually have more value than the starting running back. Injuries and simple bad play can be two massive factors to the backup having great value. Some examples are Chase Edmonds, Tony Pallard, and Alexander Mattison. Who will be the backup running back in 2020 that wins you a fantasy football championship?

Why you Should Stream your DST in Fantasy Football

In this video Q discuss the importance of streaming your defense in fantasy football. He breaks down the advantages and how it can help you win a championship. He uses stats and provides analysis to show drafting a defense earlier in the draft and sticking with them will probably hurt your fantasy football team in the long run.

Why you Should Draft a Late Round Quarterback in Fantasy Football

In fantasy football you need to do the little things in order to win a fantasy football championship. In this video we discuss why taking a later round quarterback is better for your fantasy football team and why you should do it as the fantasy manager. We do an analysis of the 2019 season and detail all the quarterbacks that finished in the top 12 for fantasy football and compare that to where they were drafted before the season started.