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Mr. 30 for 30’s Three ideal landing spots and Fantasy Implications for Jameis Winston

What if I told you, that an NFL quarterback threw for 5,109 yards and added 33 touchdown passes. What if I also told you, that he threw the ball to the opposing team’s 30 times. What if I told you, that he would be replaced by the greatest of all time, Tom Brady.


Quarterback Free Agency Predictions: Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater & Philip Rivers

The 2020 season only has one game left, The Super Bowl, which means that the off-season is quickly approaching. Teams will be getting ready for the Draft in April, making changes to the coaching staff/ team management, and working on their rosters for the 2020 regular season. Right now, one of the biggest challenges facing teams is how to deal with their free-agent players. Normally there are a few big names that enter the free agency, especially at QB, but this year there seem to be quite a few QBs on in the market.

A very Bengals Series of Events: Free Agency and NFL Draft theory

I truly believe that this sport is like no other, and part of why I love it so much is connecting with other people about the NFL; college ball; the draft; what strategies their team might go for in the coming year; what we think about certain players and their trajectories and any other related topics that cross our minds. Basically, I love talking about the game.

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