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St. Louis Battle-Hawks vs. Houston Roughnecks In-Depth Preview!

The XFL was cool this weekend. I loved the fresh rules but more importantly the faster pace and more open style. There’s also serious talent in the league and potential stars. As the XFL grows we’re gonna bring you all the content that comes with it, it’s more football after all! Starting off with a preview of the Battle-Hawks/Guardians game coming up, i’ll take you through the teams, the matchups, some fantasy implications and also some betting discussion.

XFL Week 2 Power Rankings

A week of XFL action has finally passed, so now we kind of have a basis for how the teams can perform and thus can start judging them. Thus here are the team power rankings going into week 2.

XFL Week 2 Predictions + Dynasty Startup Mock Draft

Mock draft season! We have a great show for you today, we start things off by discussing how the Los Angeles Chargers went about letting Phillip Rivers go in free agency and then we get into week 2 of the XFL. We discuss keys to each game and we give predictions on who we think will win this weekend. After that we participate in a 12 team .5ppr dynasty startup mock draft. Q picks from the third position and Pride picks from the 10th position and each try to build a roster that will be dominant for many years to come!

XFL Week 1 Reactions, NFL News & Notes + Mailbag

The XFL IS BACK! We had a ton of fun watching the XFL this past weekend and in this episode we give you our reactions and thoughts on the first week of XFL football and some thoughts for what the NFL could implement into the game that the XFL is going correct. We then jump into the news and notes and catch you up on all the biggest story lines of the offseason so far. We end the show by opening up the mailbag and answering your questions!