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2019 Fantasy Football Kerryon Johnson or Marlon Mack?

In this video Que, and Pride get asked the question which running back would they rather have on their fantasy football team.


AFC West – Fantasy Defenses Win Championships

In this series of articles I will go division by division talking about each team’s defense and ranking them in the last article. What makes me qualified? Well, I did take a defense as my first round pick one year. To be fair, it was my first year actually playing fantasy. Also, in my first year of fantasy it should be known that 9 DSTs averaged at least 10 fantasy points a game as compared to last season where the Bears were the only squad to do so (and by a considerable margin). In the last article we discussed the NFC West and in this article we will discuss the AFC West.

NFC West – Fantasy Defenses Win Championships

Now I know what you’re thinking. DST is just a throw away position, they’re just a dime a dozen. However, I attest that every slot in your fantasy roster is important and needs attention so that you can build the best team you possibly can. If you don’t believe me, then don’t come crying to me when you lose by 5 points one week, because your throwaway defense gave up over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns. That’s not a threat it’s just a warning.

Top 10 Cities for a New NFL team

With the Oakland Raiders impending move to Las Vegas, the Los Angeles Chargers recent move from San Diego, and many other rumored moves, the potential for a team moving in the near future is not an unheard of concept. Additionally, the last team to be inducted into the NFL was the Houston Texans in 2002, which means that if no new teams are added by 2021 that we will be in the longest period of time without a new addition to the NFL. With both those points in mind, here are the top 10 potential expansion or relocation cities.

Ranking The Best Active NFL Players Who Were Also Selected in the MLB Draft

Earlier this week, the least hyped draft of all the 4 major American sports took place. Yes, it was once again time for the MLB draft, the time of year where MLB front offices curb their attention away from the field, midseason, to select players to fill-up the rosters for their farm teams and maybe get luck and get a couple MLB stars. This year the Oakland Athletics selected Logan Davidson, a shortstop out of Clemson, who is not on their football team. I think it’s been nailed into everyone’s heads enough that Kyler Murray was the A’s first round pick last year only to have him leave for the NFL after a Heisman-winning football season at Oklahoma.

Which Player from the AAF is going to have the best season in the NFL

What can be said about the short-lived Alliance of American Football? It had hype going in, it had a sustainable buzz thereafter, and though the play was shoddy at times it was what many fans craved. Especially after having to bear witness to what football and Spongebob fans alike would attest to being a terrible finish to the NFL season. Unfortunately, the strong backing that the league was presumed to have was actually not strong at all and Tom Dundon shutdown the alliance so that he could focus on getting a bunch of jerks to go on a deep playoff run.

Division Battle Tournament

In this theoretical breakdown of a scenario I thought up while incredibly sleep deprived, we’re going to create the best team possible from each division, then seed them and run a tournament in Madden between the teams to see which team comes out on top in the Madden 2019 Simulator. Bold indicates the starter or starters. Wherever there was controversy or a tie between deciding the players, the one with the higher Madden rating won out. If you have any disagreements about the players picked, the seeding, or have an improvement for next season’s rendition, let us know in the comments.

100 Hot Takes for 2019

Big Man Mike here with my hot takes of the season. While these takes are pretty spicy, they are actually takes that I can reasonably see happening during the 2019 season. If you want to argue them, agree with them, or tell me my thoughts are stupid, throw them down in the comments below.

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