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The Flagship Show

Time Skew

NFL/Fantasy Football podcast where the takes are hot but the stats are heat! Using stats/strategy/analysis we help you win your fantasy football championship!


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Big Rican On Sports

Yo, What is going on? Big Rican on Sports

My take on the Mets this week as well as Yoenis Ceapedes and his exit.
  1. Yo, What is going on?
  2. Opening Weekend
  3. Browns O
  4. Wearing Different Hats
  5. Talkin Baseball 2

A sports podcast by a fan for the fans. Covers MLB, College Football, NFL and NBA with focus on my favorite teams. Mets, Buckeyes, Browns and Cavaliers. All opinions are my own but I will back it up with as much fact as possible. 


Cardboard and Crackerjacks

Cardboard & Crackerjacks is your home for breaking baseball news, sports card conversations, & memorabilia collecting!

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